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Comment Re:It's time to fine. (Score 2) 240

It has nothing to do with the cloud. The problem here is that Vendor X really has no incentive to create interfaces to communicate with Vendor Y, beyond a customer willing to pay them to create said interface. And even then, the customer is only paying Vendor X, and not Vendor Y, so any assistance Vendor X gets from Y will be spotty at best.

And nothing about that is going to change until the federal government steps in and forces these vendors to play nice using a set of standards. It's a slow, messy, ugly, wasteful, and frustrating process, but it is the only way this problem is getting solved.

Comment In other news... (Score 2) 134

Kappa Beta Phi has announced that it has a under-aged drinking policy, which it expects it's members to respect.

The NSA has a policy against eavesdropping on phone calls, which it pinky promises it will observe.

And finally, Slashdot is instituting a "No Trolls" policy, which First Post, Natalie Portman Naked and Petrified.

Comment You all don't understand the magnitude of this (Score 1) 521

This is going to play in the midwest about as well as if the government suddenly decided to outlaw beef. F-150's/Silverado's/Sierra's/Ram's are basically standard issue for men aged 18-55 in the midwest, and the commercials are right, F-150's dominate. Chevy/GMC/Dodge are going to have a field day with this.

The fact that Ford is jumping into this with the F-150 too, and not testing it out on a lesser model first, is just staggering.

Comment He's fighting for his job (Score 2) 165

Microsoft can't seem to do anything right on the consumer front, and while pushing customers into the cloud may get them a nice reliable monthly subscription from a lot of shops, it's also a dangerous gambit, as it increases the odds that shops will abandon the Windows desktop OS or eventually move their services to another provider.

It's a very dangerous time for Microsoft right now. They'll still be selling a whole fark ton of software/services, but if they don't grow at the rate that Wall Street expects them too, their stock will start taking a beating and then the spiral starts.

Comment Apples and oranges here (Score 1) 221

I'm not looking to get the same functionality/features from a streaming service than I am from purchasing digital copies of media. I go in knowing that terms/prices can change at will, but I accept that for an "all I can eat" service.

Comment Be wary here (Score 2) 331

If you're a consultant/outside entity being asked to do this, then no worries. Just tell them like it is. You don't need any kind of technical test here: Just show them the trail of failed projects and unhappy employees/customers and how they all lead back to one source.

But if you are part of the company...or worse part of IT the fuck out.

Something stinks about this. Managers are usually the first target when it comes to determining blame for failed projects/bad internal PR. That's part of their job after all. The stuffed shirts know this, and if it was just about the IT Manager being terrible they'd fire him and bring in someone new. They don't need a third opinion to tell them the head of IT is incompetent. There's something else going on here, probably related to internal company politics, and you need to be sure you're not being thrown under the bus or are risking getting caught in the crossfire.

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