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Submission + - Would you microchip yourself for your employer? Are you ready to be a cyborg? (star-telegram.com) 1

jasonbrown writes: At the Swedish startup hub Epicenter, it has become routine to be have a microchip implanted in the fleshy part of your thumb. The tiny device is injected with a syringe and another cyborg is created. It replaces other devices such as keys and credit cards. Doors open magically and coffee is purchased with the wave of a hand. Many people would never put a tracking device in their body for a job. Would you?

Submission + - An app that maps the world's Internet censorship with your smartphone. (theatlantic.com)

jasonbrown writes: OONI has made censorship-testing software available for years, but it has until now required downloading a desktop software package using a command-line tool—a step most computer users aren’t comfortable taking on. The new app will allow anyone with a smartphone to run a test. Check out the current current censorship stats by country here: https://explorer.ooni.torproje...

Submission + - Perpetual motion without energy. A brand new form of matter: time crystals (sciencealert.com)

jasonbrown writes: For months now, there's been speculation that researchers might have finally created time crystals — strange crystals that have an atomic structure that repeats not just in space, but in time, putting them in perpetual motion without energy.

Now it's official — researchers have just reported in detail how to make and measure these bizarre crystals. And two independent teams of scientists claim they've actually created time crystals in the lab based off this blueprint, confirming the existence of an entirely new form of matter.

Submission + - iOS 10 Encrypted Backups Now Much Less Secure (americansecuritytoday.com)

jasonbrown writes: The new discovery in iOS 10 backups potentially allows recovery speeds thousands of times faster compared to password-protected iOS 9 backups. For example, this means that a truly random, 6-character alphanumerical password (single-case letters) protecting iOS 10 backup will only take a few minutes to break. Add an extra character, and it takes several hours to brute-force. The same 7-character password protecting an iOS 9 backup would take almost a week to break. “This is no doubt great news for law enforcement and digital forensic specialists around the globe.”

Submission + - Self-Driving Chairs Are Coming (pcmag.com)

jasonbrown writes: Nissan, the Japanese automaker this week debuted what it's calling the ProPILOT Chair — an autonomous chair that automatically queues for you while you sit back and relax. With its built-in cameras, the high-tech chair "detects and automatically follows the chair ahead of it, maintaining a fixed distance and travelling along a set path." Standing (or sitting) in line has never been so much fun.

Submission + - Apple removes Wi-Fi finders from App Store (cnet.com)

jasonbrown writes: Apple on Thursday began removing another category of apps from its iPhone App Store. This time, it's not porn, it's Wi-Fi.
Apple removed several Wi-Fi apps commonly referred to as stumblers, or apps that seek out available Wi-Fi networks near your location. According to a story on Cult of Mac, apps removed by Apple include WiFi-Where, WiFiFoFum, and yFy Network Finder.

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