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Comment whatever (Score 1) 314

It depends on how powerful the next generation of phones/tablets/goggles are. If they are powerful enough to present a reasonable VR gaming experience at an affordable price then there will likely be no need for a next generation of consoles. If, however, more computing power can be crammed into a console device, and if developers can take advantage of that extra power, and if the total experience can be delivered at a competitive price point then I expect consoles to continue to be developed.

Tablets certainly have a lot going for them. They are portable. They do multiple functions reasonably well. A wider audience may already own them. Maybe most of all - there are only two OSes to develop for. Now the hardware does vary, so unless the APIs are well designed you're going to have to deal with varying user experiences.

Comment And we'll all happily pay it... (Score 4, Interesting) 213

to continue to have access to their mediocre collection of content.

Hulu Plus with adblocking is far and away a better return on investment... that said, I cut the cable, so I'll happily throw $10 at them so I can keep myself busy browsing their catalog for something to watch. That activity alone eats up hours of my time every month.

On an unrelated note... Does anyone else feel like we should be able to pay for access to content separately from the UI? I know solutions like TiVo allow you to search multiple content providers, but you still have to use a different user interface for each provider. I'd rather have a single UI(don't mind paying for it) and just pay Hulu, Netflix, Vudu, etc for access to their content. I don't need 5 streaming apps, each with it's own quirky UI.

Comment Re:looking for 1 of 3: (Score 1) 66

I'd buy a super mac-mini in a heartbeat. The wife and I are pretty tired of OSX, but I'd still go for it if it was available. We're looking to upgrade our 2008 24" iMac and at this point we're both(!!! - she's not a nerd) leaning towards Linux or even Windows. I'm just not willing to pay the mac tax for outdated hardware. I could go for an iMac, but then I have the same problem I'm facing now - a nice display that's going to go in the garbage because the associated hardware is outdated.

Comment Re:George... the optimist (Score 2) 402

Just remember, a closed-source device that can do TTS locally, and one which can connect to the net, can possess nearly all of the same nefarious capability as one which sends everything to the cloud.

It would be trivial to load(and even field upgrade) a list of watch words which trigger steganographic(or just overt) communication back to a server regarding what is being said. Uploading the raw data to the cloud just makes it easier.

Comment Re:Industrial controls are having their "XP Moment (Score 1) 162

> serial-to-Ethernet stuff

Haha, I worked at a company whose bread and butter were devices like that... then they got into payment processing as well.

Products were barely cobbled together by people with not enough time or understanding to make a secure system. I left, and they tried to get me back to do some consulting.. I asked em about what kinds of security testing they do... 'well we use openssl'... hahaha ok... sure.. jesus.

Comment ahem (Score 4, Insightful) 397

Even if you *can* program it doesn't mean you'll actually want to do it.

Many aspects of programming are boring and tedious. You need someone who can handle the abstract thinking, memorize the various components involved, understand how they fit and how to change them, and then sort through the various administrative steps(version control, bugtracking, communicating with devs/qa/mgmt, etc). Also, many programming jobs are very un-social. I've had times at work where I did't speak to another human for several weeks.

Comment Re: Litigious Much (Score 4, Interesting) 818

A few of us current engineers got started as kids doing stupid things that only resembled real engineering. I used to spend my allowance at radio shack buying random components only to hook them up to a 9v battery and a metal file to make sparks.

Take away the backstory about how his dad probably used the kid for politics and political gain, and take away the family's scary religion, and you have a guy a lot of us would sympathize with. We were weird kids who did stupid things and scared people.

I guess if I sat around listening to the right wing shitstorm over the issue I might feel differently. As much as I am appalled at the family's lawsuit and monetary demands, I have to admit that they did a good job trolling a bunch of stupid school administrators and small town law enforcement. The over reaction of the school and cops opened them up to this. Seriously... interrogating a kid without his parents? I remember when they tried that shit on me.

Comment Re:Are you high? (Score 1) 122

The drone bikes/skateboards/small cars will come first. Especially easy when the cars are also driving themselves, however, cars currently integrate pretty well with bicycles, so I see no reason they couldn't integrate with a self-driving, smaller sized vehicle.

There's no reason to send a package via air unless speed it the utmost priority. Even when Amazon can offer drone delivery by air, they'll likely deliver more packages via ground based drones. I see a future of skateboard-sized vehicles which grab your package via a vacuum. They roll up to your house, wait, and when you pick up the package they roll on. You could standardize a (inductive?) charging system too, so they can charge while they wait.

For efficiency, I could see a larger vehicle like a UPS truck which deploys the smaller package delivery vehicles.

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