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Comment Re:Flat, unintuitive UI? No thanks! (Score 0) 78

The problem is that user interfaces and web applications are largely being designed by developers who are not UI designers.

UX is almost a fake discipline. I've never seen it used for anything other than feature reduction. It habitually obfuscates workflow and makes advanced functionality harder instead of easier.

Comment Re:MS is out of fashion (Score 0) 254

In the Trump Era you don't admit to mistakes.

Wrong, fucker. In the Trump Era we FIX the mistakes or we liquidate the careers and businesses of the fools who cause them. But it's still the Obama Era, numbnuts. Trump doesn't have any political power until January 20, unless you want to admit that he is already the Greatest Show On Earth.

Comment The Democratic Party is over. (Score 0) 624

Alex Jones ironically is America's anchorman now, and 4chan decided an election. Doesn't matter if you like it or not; the public had its day with the liberal dream and lately decided against it for a whole fucking generation. I would have thought Slashdot would be more sympathetic but instead they parrot all the horseshit they leveraged to get that useless Comp Sci degree. Thus tech/media is divided between two groups: alt-right chasing the truth and SJW pussies chasing easy privilege. The problem the Left has is that the digital Trump campaign juggernaut never deactivates. Born organically of Gamergate, it destroyed Hillary, it's destroying the Democratic Party, and then it will destroy traditional media and left-wing social media platforms after first tricking and whoring them out to elect Trump. So be it: they all lied and conspired to protect a Manchurian candidate who literally sold off the rights to end civilization as we know it. The longer you gawk at the clouds wondering what happened here, the less prepared you'll be for the coming explosion of third parties. So long, and thanks for all the fish!

Comment Re:Yeah, and all the US celebs will leave the US (Score 0) 742

Just more silly scare mongering from Trump haters. Trump will not impose a 45% tariff, and China will not stop all trade with the US.

And there will be no 30 foot wall, and Trump's tax plan won't happen either.

Just more pointless posturing.

The wall just got 10 feet higher.

Comment Re:MPAA, RIAA and Big Pharma (Score 0, Insightful) 355

The Democratic Party has been thoroughly exposed as a criminal organization, and it's disingenuous for us to talk like it isn't actually trying to break down every defense of the American system with every one of its policies. In 69 days the Trump will sound and burn leftist dreams to the ground and sow salt so nothing ever grows there again. Anyone who cites either of the Bushes to attack Republicans is using obsolete narratives, everyone knows they were criminals in bed with the Clintons. "It is known." Thank you to G.H.W.B. for making it so obvious by endorsing Hillary, and Dubya for hiding from the question entirely.

Comment Re: Building wealth (Score 4, Insightful) 493

He's such a stone-cold, 100% genuine solid idiot that should he win, he will be outwitted by every world leader he meets.

Why do you say stupid shit? He didn't get to his station in life by being outwitted. You should be able to deduce that. Every square inch of Manhattan has to be negotiated for between banks, developers AND regulators, on a level I bet you are utterly unaware even exists. His "bullying bluster and evasion" prevents his enemies from nailing him down with technicalities that aren't even important to THEM. That's what Democrats do, ignore the forest and harass you on the dimensions of each leaf.

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