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Comment Re: Building wealth (Score 4, Insightful) 491

He's such a stone-cold, 100% genuine solid idiot that should he win, he will be outwitted by every world leader he meets.

Why do you say stupid shit? He didn't get to his station in life by being outwitted. You should be able to deduce that. Every square inch of Manhattan has to be negotiated for between banks, developers AND regulators, on a level I bet you are utterly unaware even exists. His "bullying bluster and evasion" prevents his enemies from nailing him down with technicalities that aren't even important to THEM. That's what Democrats do, ignore the forest and harass you on the dimensions of each leaf.

Comment This is actually good news (Score -1) 359

What you guys don't realize is that the rewrite is mostly done. Moving components to C#/WPF already took care of that, and I'm sure newer code is word size agnostic. Furthermore, you now have a guarantee that Microsoft is committed to 32-bit compatibility. When they finally make their 64-bit version, you better hope you're done with 32-bit too.

Comment Democrats are almost extinct (Score -1) 70

Listen for it boys, the Left is dying and desperate for an audience, and acting crackpot as all shit. Since 2008, Democrats in Congress have withered to the lowest House membership since Truman because the people are not entertained by them or their ideas anymore. We don't care if air pollution causes galactic war, we will STILL never trust them to handle it without screwing us in the process. After Trump gets in, the last of them will be excised by the voters like a hated tumor. RING DING DONG, motherfuckers.

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