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Comment Re:They avoid epileptic frequencies, right? (Score 1) 235

It depends on the state. Typically the standard is to grant the person with epilepsy their license back after a distinct period of not having any kind of seizure that requires a licensed medial doctor to sign off on. That period is typically on the order of years. I don't know how insurance would work in that situation though. I could see a situation where someone is licensed but uninsurable.

Comment Yahoo and Hotmail, really? (Score 1, Troll) 231

My favorite part is you go look at the email, sender is on a yahoo account and one of the recipients is a hotmail user. How stupid do you have to be.... I mean really. The NSA vacuum cleaner goes *woooooosssssshhhhhhh*

Next up on the hacked list.
Subject: Nuclear Weapons
Hey the Americans are looking at our shit in Qom, we really need to hide the weapons elsewhere. Maybe we can stash them at your place for a while?



Comment Re:Black Friday 2011: The Nightmare (Score 2) 491

Frankly they don't want you buying it if you don't buy the additional warranty or accessories or whatever. If you don't buy it, someone else will. I'm convinced that corporate would just rather have you shop somewhere else. They get shipments twice a week, but there is a million different variations that the public demands so it's hard to keep all of the stock flowing to the exact right places, so it's easier to make it a difficult experience for the grab and go customer who just want to buy four of the laptop with a $5 markup and leave none for customers who might potentially want to buy other items to go with it.

That's the problem. People ARE shopping elsewhere. Their pricing isn't just a nominal markup, it's an astronomical markup. Their logistics are a mess, I show up to buy some sennheiser headphones listed as "available in store" on their website. They couldn't find them. That was followed up by "well, the system does that all the time." Fix the damned system. That was $30 that walked out the door to be spent on Newegg.

The best part of standing in that line was a)talking to random people b) getting one of their "vouchers" for the big ticket item. I felt like I won the lotto. and c) the local church groups running around with hot chocolate and candy. I was actually in a pretty good mood when I got through the doors. "ahhhh, it's almost over" and then you wait two hours because they decide to up sell at the head of the line. I watched a bunch of people get to the line, buying shit that wasn't even on sale... put the stuff back and walk out. That's insanity!

If corporate is being picky about its customers, then it's going to be choosing it's way to bankruptcy within the decade.

Comment Black Friday 2011: The Nightmare (Score 5, Interesting) 491

Before, you go "you're stupid for shopping on black friday" 1) I know and 2) it was for my youngest brother. That being said, I expected to wait out in the cold living in North Dakota and all.

I fully expected to wait in line for quite a while. What I didn't expect was the hours waiting to check out. 3 hours in, I get to the head of the "TV" line and lo, they are taking customers four at a time and running them through (for lack of a better term) "sales stations." Now, at each one you got a miniature lecture about the wonders of a variety of things; overpriced HDMI cables, Geek Squad's "calibration service", the "benefits" of their warranties. It took the group in front of us around a half hour to make their way through the stations before they were allowed to check out. Of course they could stop along the way and ask questions, further delaying the line. Mind you there were at least a hundred people behind us waiting. After watching that clusterfuck of an operation I along with a couple other people bum rushed the line, told the sales station people to fuck off and checked out.

On the opposite side of the store, in the "computer" line they were having people fill out forms regarding their computer experience. You weren't "allowed" to check out until you had completed your form. Once you completed your form, your personal information was taken and digested and you were up sold on the same shit. They made the mistake of letting someone who was behind my friend move ahead of him. Two managers and a lot of cussing later, he had started a little revolution and everyone behind him refused to fill out the stupid paperwork.

On random other occasions, people have wanted me to go up with them to help them pick out whatever electronic device. Again, getting ahead of the responses I spent quality time trying to convince them to buy elsewhere. It amazes me how often a sales guy will come up, not go away when we tell him to go away and then start arguing with me to the point where I have to raise my voice to drive them off.

I've never seen a company that fights so hard to keep people from buying their shit. Ever. I've never seen a company where the reps are so willing to argue with the guy who is helping someone buy something. It is mind boggling. The customer service there is mind numbing. Every so often a miracle happens and you have someone who honestly knows what they're talking about. Those guys need to be cloned and replicated somehow. They're not confrontational, they don't try to up sell bullshit you won't use, and are actually helpful. /end rageface

Comment I still want to play (Score 1) 88

I still want to play it, I just need a computer with more horsepower. I use a disposable, reloadable credit card for all online purchases. The thing functions just like an ATM card, you can't charge more than what's on it.

I think the positive thing they could do moving forward is explain what steps, in general terms, they've taken to make sure this doesn't happen again. Further, there's no amount of in-game compensation they can give that would mean anything significant.

It sucks, but at least it's been disclosed. How many sites out there, that have your credit card information have experienced breaches and not disclosed it? That's far more scary to me.


Submission + - Oracle adds commercial option to JVM (

mario_grgic writes: Oracle recently committed a patch to the Open JDK project that adds a -XX:+UnlockCommercialVMOptions switch to the Java Virtual Machine. In particular, the switch seems to pertain to the HotSpot optimizations. Could the decision to charge for advanced runtime optimizations (currently free and available to everyone) lead to splitting up of Java to personal and enterprise editions. What impact could this have for already wounded Java on the desktop and future of Java in general? Perhaps Steve Jobs was right yet again when deprecating Java on the Mac OS X, calling it legacy technology?

Comment Re:North Dakota Fracking (Score 1) 288

We may be minting more millionaires, but due to massive flooding this year in the side of the state that matters to the Bakken... we have a housing availability rate of less than 0.1% where I live in Minot. So rental rates in our 40k pop city have skyrocketed, nuking the service (mcdonalds, pizza hut etc) sector's ability to hire and keep employees. It's a situation where you can be making 150K/yr on the rigs and be homeless, due to lack of housing.

So the boom is coming with some really nasty environmental and economic ramifications for residents and landowners.

Comment North Dakota Fracking (Score 4, Informative) 288

If you want to see if fracking leads to an increase in geological activity, keeping an eye on North Dakota might be interesting. We have a large scale oil boom happening here. The Bakken formation is being rapidly developed using fracking in an ever increasing scale.

The state is also relatively stable.

Submission + - Yankovic's Born this Way ( 3

jarrettwold2002 writes: Weird Al Yankovic, you all know him. A purveyor of satire and comedy for all, got shot down by Lady Gaga and her management to release his latest satirical song commercially. The proceeds would have benefited the watchdog group Human Rights Campaign. This demonstrates, again, how far we have to go when it comes to reforming intellectual property and copyright law.

I wrote and recorded what I thought was going to be the first single off of my new album: a parody of “Born This Way” by Lady Gaga called “Perform This Way.” But after hearing it, Lady Gaga decided not to give me permission to release the song, so it won’t be coming out commercially anytime in the near future. Sorry

Comment Re:This was not revenge for GeoHotz at all. (Score 1) 347

There is plenty of alternative here. People have the largest soap box in the entire history of mankind to speak their grievances from: the internet. All of the tools are in the box if you want things to change. The difficulty will always be rallying people to a banner, figuratively speaking.

Outlaws are set apart from vigilantes in some respects, as the definition of outlaw is significantly more broad. An outlaw can be something as innocent and simple as a character like Jean Valjean in Les Miserables... they can also be people that heist banks at gunpoint.

The point with vigilantism, in the history of mankind, it has achieved little. They tend to be isolated acts that effect no real change, and usually cause a visceral and vicious response that negates the efforts of the people that aren't vigilantes. Every modern change has either been through revolution or through change from within. Even then revolution is fraught with danger and rarely succeeds producing something better.

If you want a good look, check out the middle east.. Particularly Egypt. They had a revolution, threw an old dictator out leaving a power vacuum for potentially a larger threat to fill in. This of course being the Muslim Brotherhood the antecedents of modern terrorism. Another example is the burgeoning secular government in Tunisia. It's already at threat from fundamentalist Islamic sects wanting Sharia established in both civil and criminal capacities with the state left to handling usury. I know this sounds like a line from Fox News. But, it is not in any way bullshit or something to be discarded as an object lesson.

The reason why civil rights and women's suffrage were seen through to success were tireless efforts to change the system from within.

When sane men turn to outlaw justice, when remedy is available within the system either through what's established or changed by uproar... It's a dark day and is insane after a fashion.

Sony isn't the core problem here, they are acting in what they view as their own best interest. It seems a bit stupid to the rest of us, but that is their right. It's also our right to look broader and bigger. As a movement, I think patent reform and intellectual property law to be changed is going to be an uphill battle for years. This requires more than a DDOS. It requires spokesmen, money and time.

If anything has been proved in self government, money as a motivator for change in political systems has been the most successful route. So anyone getting pissed off about this shit, should go donate money to a centralized effort be it the EFF or something new. If they can, donate their time. Hell go sit down with your state legislators one by one and explain the issues. Outside of our geek community nobody gets why this is a bad thing. Education is needed more than anything else. IP law for dummies.

So when everyone decides to use that soapbox, with one voice... that will be the day shit starts changing.

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