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Comment Re:I have my Nexus 5 about 2 years (Score 1) 116

It's not as if the hardware can't support most if not all the features.

That's interesting. Android crowd complains about lack of updates. iOS crowd complains about how slow their phones get after a few years of forced updates.

Absolutely - it's a problem either way. For me the problem isn't that I don't get the shiny newest features on my phone (I didn't buy it in the first place with those features so if I do get it later then that's a bonus, not a right), it's the lack of security and bugfixes. Android seems to have very little mechanism for security fixes other than "run the latest version". Microsoft managed to keep releasing patches for old OS versions, so if Android is going to be a serious OS then it needs to do the same.

Comment Re:Pixel Only? (Score 1) 43

OK, I'll give you the permission descriptions - that's annoying, but SD card support is still in the OS (and continues to get better in new releases). You can't claim they're killing a feature just because they haven't released a subsequent product that contains it. The other things also come down to security fixes - and that's a damned-if-they-do-damned-if-they-don't problem.

Latitude still exists as part of Google+ (I know, ew, but things change). And yes some stuff we like gets cancelled. Such is the internet.

Comment Re:Pixel Only? (Score 2) 43

And by the time Daydream's certification requirements, specs, API, etc. is available for OEMs and they have a chance to release products for it, Google will drop it and move on to some other shit.

To be fair, though Google are fairly harsh about killing off their own products, they've been pretty consistent about supporting and developing Android stuff atleast.

Comment Re:Just Don't Buy It (Score 1) 446

Don't be pedantic. "You", in this case, is clearly plural.

And such instructions are pointless because no person can act for the plurality.

Yes you shouldn't buy such a product, but the original post suggests this is all you need to do. Speaking out, making sure the company is aware of *why* people are unhappy is also part of the solution. If you don't do that they will imagine all sorts of other reasons why they aren't selling.

Comment Re:Just Don't Buy It (Score 1) 446

That's all you have to do, and these stupid lame assholes will get fired, and their replacements will know enough not to take away useful features.

If you buy one, you are part of the problem.
If you don't buy one, you are part of the solution.

Yes your one missed theoretical sale will definitely be noticed and acted on. We've seen this before, manufacturers follow each other around like sheep - there's not nearly the amount of variety in the Android lineup that you would expect given the freedom of the platform. (where's my phone with a keyboard? where's my phone with a decent battery? Where's my compact phone with a small screen?)

Absolutely don't buy one. But make a noise too, otherwise you can easily expect other good phones to be hobbled by this "feature", and you won't get a choice in the matter. The market does not fix all ills by itself.

Comment Re:Single payer system would avoid this problem (Score 1) 327

We only run into this problem because we have a portion of our population who will sue anyone over anything bad that happens.

No, it's almost nothing to do with settlement costs, and if you looked into the figures you'd see that rather than just parrotting what you want to believe.


Comment Re:Not Causal (Score 1) 311

I am sorry, I wasn't aware you were being forced to buy Apples products. I can certainly see why you are so upset with the change and not being given the option to buy someone else product instead.

So all criticism is null because there's competition? Presumably you don't read reviews then, since you shouldn't have any feelings because the product you are presented with you should be happy with just existing?

Who wants to go through the hassle of switching platform? And since phones have a limited lifetime they are effectively being forced at some point in the near future to either inconvenience themselves by switching, or inconvenience themselves by taking an inferior product. Stop apologising for Apple.

Comment Re:SoftBank, Arm, & Brexit (Score 2) 65

If Britain loses open access to the EU, how long do you think SoftBank will stay in the UK? SoftBank had made noises about doubling the ARM workforce in the UK in the years after purchase. But with the uncertainty of Brexit, they might want to open a second branch on the Continent where they can maintain EU access.

Most of ARM's business is done with the far east and States, Samsung, Apple, Qualcomm, etc. ARM was one of the few companies shares that was not hit by the result of the referendum. Now if you want to talk employee access, then that might be more of an issue if a full EU split happens, but trade itself for them is probably not going to be particularly affected.

Comment Re: 40cm? (Score 2) 225

its cold up there

Since the damaged object was a solar panel, I suspect it might have been exposed to, y'know, the sun? In which case it would not be very cold.

Yes yes very clever. There is this thing called "shade" that means the temperature is all over the shop during normal operation. Solar panels in space have to survive between -100 & 125 Celsius.

Comment Re:No thank you! (Score 3, Interesting) 115

what is this obsession with making things thin, the space it saves is almost irrelevant and tactile feed back is a wonderful thing.

No idea, and the company themselves don't really push that it's just a factor of what they're building - ie if they put a real keyboard in it it couldn't be a drawing-tablet with a pen also. It's an obsession of the article headline writer. Something far more interesting I think about it is that you can put paper over it and write on that, with the pen input also copied digitally.

Comment Re:Stop obsessing over updates (Score 1) 190

Can't stop progress. New features require new hardware after some time (years, in your case). Your complaint is rather odd.

What's the point of adding features to a device up to the point it becomes too slow to practically use for anything? When you want the latest and greatest that requires a new device, fair enough, you have to buy one, but that doesn't mean that your old device has to be upgraded into uselessness because there are theoretically new features in the world.

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