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Submission + - Google didn't relicense Java code afterall

RedK writes: In a follow up to yesterday's news piece about Google apparently relicense confidential Oracle code found in Java under the ASL, it seems that the blogger who initially reported the issue was plain wrong as the files that he indicated were in breach of Oracle's copyright do not actually ship with Android. Google has also deleted many of these files which were mostly used as unit tests.
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Penumbra: Overture Goes Open Source 74

As promised when the Humble Indie Bundle hit $1 million in donations the other day, indie developer Frictional Games has released Penumbra: Overture's source code. "The code for Penumbra: Overture is a continuation of the one used for the tech demo + some addition for the not so long lived Robo Hatch project. It also contains some code from Unbirth, giving it quite some history." The release also includes the HPL1 engine. "This is engine that has powered all of the Penumbra games and it even includes the stuff used to create the 2D platformer Energetic. The engine code was started in December 2004 and was actively developed until early 2008." The repositories are available at github.

Submission + - NASA put a man on the moon then lost the videotape

sr0tu writes: "Wired has published a story "One Giant Screwup for Mankind" on the search for the missing Apollo 11 moon tapes.

The goal of the Apollo 11 mission wasn't merely to get a man on the moon. It was to send back a live television feed so that everyone could see it. Not long ago, Stan Lebar who had developed the camera that could capture the most memorable moment of the 20th century learned why the footage had looked like mush: The transfer and broadcast had degraded the image badly, like a third-generation photocopy. "What the world saw was some bastardized thing," says Lebar, now 81. "Posterity deserves more than that."

Now Lebar and a crew of seasoned space cowboys are trying to get that original footage and show it to the world. There is just one problem: NASA has lost the tapes."

Submission + - well-preserved flu pandemic victim to be exhumed

mid-devonian writes: "The Guardian Unlimited reports that permission has been granted to exhume the famous diplomat and politician Sir Mark Sykes, who died from bird flu in the 1918-19 pandemic. His body lies in a lead coffin in an English churchyard, and John Oxford, a professor of virology at Queen Mary's College London, believes that the body will be very well preserved, providing a unique opportunity to investigate the mechanism by which bird flu kills."

E-voting State By State 186

jcatcw writes "One-third of Americans will use voting machines next week that have never before served in a general election. provides an overview of e-voting in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia — equipment, systems for voter registration, polling, significant legal challenges to the systems, previous media coverage, links to government watchdog sites, the vendors, technologies and laws that are important to the issue, and a review of 'Hacking Democracy.'"

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