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Submission + - Copyright Holders Punish Themselves With Crazy DMCA Takedowns (

TheGift73 writes: "Yesterday Google kindly published a database of takedown requests sent to the search giant on copyright grounds. The DMCA notices are supposed to help protect legitimate sales but entertainment companies sending them are clearly having problems. Witness some of the world’s biggest music and movie companies taking down everything from news articles promoting their latest releases, to their very own marketing content.

During the last 24 hours Google published an extremely enlightening database listing DMCA takedown notices the company receives from rightsholders. Google calls it their ‘Transparency Report’ and its very publication shows why transparency is absolutely needed in these areas.

Quite simply, rightsholders are having problems getting it right. Check out these ridiculous takedowns from some of the world’s leading entertainment companies against sites that have done nothing wrong.

Warner Brothers: Wrath of the Titans
When a movie’s either just about to come out or already doing the rounds, people want to find out about it. Amazingly, Warner and their anti-piracy partners managed to undermine their own marketing campaign for Wrath of the Titans with DMCAs sent to Google.

Through this DMCA takedown Warner requested the removal of the IMDb listing for their own movie.

But it didn’t stop there. Warner also asked Google to delist the official trailer on Apple along with the ones on Hulu, The Guardian and FilmoFilia. In addition, the studio asked for an article on BBC America to be removed along with a listing on a site that helps people find theaters to watch the movie.

As can be seen here, Warner issued a takedown for the IMDb listing for its own movie Happy Feet Two. They were in good company since Paramount Pictures, NBC Universal and other rights holders did the same for IMDb information pages covering their content.

Hulu, Crackle
Hulu has also become an unlikely target. In addition to the Warner takedown mentioned above, UFC owner Zuffa also asked Google to delist its own content on the authorized video site.

Sony-owned Crackle was picked on too, when Warner Bros. asked Google to delist an information page about its movie Hall Pass.

Other news and information sites
Bizarrely, news sites are being hit with takedowns too. In addition to the Warner instance mentioned above, the RIAA asked Google to delist a review of the album Own The Night published on The Guardian. The artist behind the album is Lady Antebellum, signed to RIAA-member Capitol Records.

Even more worrying, the RIAA asked Google to delist’s entire Electro Pop section because they thought it carried a pirate copy of All About Tonight by Pixie Lott.

Warner also reappeared later on, asking Google to delist a page on news site NME which lists information on the latest movies, which at the time included information on the movie Hall Pass. The same page on NME was targeted on several other occasions, including by anti-piracy company DtecNet on behalf of Lionsgate, who had info on The Hunger Games delisted.

Hollywood Reporter didn’t fare much better either. Sony Pictures asked Google to swing the banhammer against the popular news site after it published an article called “Trent Reznor Releases Six Free Tracks From ‘Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’ Soundtrack” and Sony mistook it for a DVDRIP.

But as soon as Sony’s piracy fears on the first ‘Dragon Tattoo’ movie had subsided they were back as strong as ever with the sequel. This time the sinner was Wikipedia who dared to put up an information page on the movie The Girl Who Played With Fire. Luckily Sony were on hand to ask Google to delist the page.

Although just a tiny percentage of the thousands of correct takedowns issued, the above shows that overbroad filters and poorly considered notices can impact businesses who shouldn’t be affected by them, studios and people who merely report on their content alike.

Fortunately, Google says it does not comply with all takedown requests, rejecting a few percent and reinstating others at later dates, including some of the above."


Submission + - Don't be evil? Google hacks mobile and desktop Safari to override cookie setting (

noh8rz2 writes: 9to5mac article says: Internet giant Google has found itself in a middle of a potential PR nightmare following aWall Street Journalarticlethis morning. The article asserts that“Google Inc. and other advertising companies have been bypassing the privacy settings of millions of people using Apple Inc.’s Web browser on their iPhones and computers”in order to follow iPhone users even after they explicitly set Safari’s privacy controls to disable such tracking.

Stanford researcher Jonathan Mayer found out that although mobile Safari’s default setting blockscookies from third parties and advertisers, Google and advertising companies Media Innovation Group,Vibrant Media and Gannett PointRollfooled mobile Safari into thinking“a person was submitting an invisible form to Google”, letting them in turn install a tracking cookie on users’ iPhones and PCs without their consent.

Google apparently disabled the problematic code afterbeing contacted by the paper.

Submission + - Zynga sues Brazilian dev for copying its games ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: In what can only be described as a situation of the pot calling the kettle black, Zynga has launched and settled a lawsuit against Brazilian game developer Vostu resulting in the loss of jobs for many Vostu employees. How Zynga managed to carry out such actions while keeping a straight face remains to be seen.

Submission + - 100,000 Swedes beg Steve Jobs to approve TV app

paulraps writes: Swedish public service broadcaster Sveriges Television (SVT) is hoping to hurry along the approval of its iPhone application by targeting Apple CEO Steve Jobs directly. Within a day of launching its campaign, over 100,000 Swedes had registered their support for the app's speedy approval on the 'dearstevejobs' web site, while SVT sent three lobbyists to stand outside Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California wearing traditional Swedish costumes. "Our people will stand there as long as they need to," said SVT director of communications Helga Baagøe.

Submission + - Microsoft promises not to sue Moonlight 2.0 users (

darthcamaro writes: Moonlight 2.0, that's Novell's open source implementation of the Microsoft media framework in now available and with comes a new patent promise from Microsoft. Any Linux user can use it now without being worried about being sued.

"A really important change in how the community and individuals will see and use Moonlight is a change and extension to the patent covenant that Microsoft provides to Novell and its end users," Brian Goldfarb, director of Web and user experience platforms at Microsoft, told "We're now increasing the reach of the agreement — Microsoft's commitment not to sue Novell or Novell customers now extends to redistributors."

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