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Journal janeowit's Journal: 2008 Convention- here??? 8

The Republican National Committee just announced that Minneapolis-St. Paul made it to the final four cities up for consideration for the 2008 Republican National Convention along with Cleveland, New York City, and Tampa-St. Petersburg.
First of all, wasn't it in New York City last time? And second, I am pretty sure when they visit and see the incredible number of Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers that are still on cars, they'll get the picture. We don't forgive and we don't forget.

In other news, we are also in the top four cities for the Democratic National Convention in 2008, along with Denver, New Orleans and New York.

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2008 Convention- here???

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  • Especially in Washington DC. DC votes something like 93% Democrat reliably. There are still Dukakis stickers on VW bugs in DC. Maryland's the same way, we're aboout 65% registered Democrat. Its not going to be anything new for anyone who has spent any time whatsoever in the capital.

    I'm sure the choice is to combat the realignment that the left is trying to do, gathering the votes of the heartland. My fear as a conservative (but not Republican) is that the current administration has done enough to disen
  • There are also plenty of Bush-Cheney 2004 stickers in the Cities also. I don't think that the RNC or even DNC is going to send someone down to count bumper stickers anyways. The fact that we have a Republican Governor in a blue state, a Republican Senator, and the self-acclaimed worst performing Democrat Senator probably doesn't make us unattractive to the RNC either.


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