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Submission + - $100 Laptop Inventor Sees Future Thought Going Straight to Video (txchnologist.com)

jamstar7 writes:

When Dr. Mary Lou Jepsen gets to work on a technology problem, expect big things to happen.

Confronted with the fact that an inaccessible digital world would freeze poor countries out of development, Jepsen brought the modern computer back to the drawing board and built the $100 laptop. She designed it, invented or co-invented numerous parts and led a team to bring it into mass production.

The initial design and development project, which has gone on to transform educational opportunities in the developing world, took her three years. Since then, she has moved on to other projects and continues to make a name for herself as an innovator in holography, display technology and optics.

The article is a nifty interview piece with Txchnologist that asks Dr Jepson her thoughts on her current and future projects, as well as where she thinks we're heading for technologically. An interesting read...

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