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Submission + - How long before apps overtake physical video game (

jamie writes: "Horace Dediu crunches some numbers and comes to a startling conclusion: 'If you look at the red line above and its slope, it would indicate that, given time, the App store will overtake the entire physical media gaming industry. The time when that happens will depend a lot on the growth or decline of the physical game media business, but another four years seems a safe bet.' This follows on the heels of some earlier analysis of apps per iOS device and what that steady upward growth means."

Submission + - Shtetl-Optimized  Blog Archive  QCut (

jamie writes: "As some of you may have heard, the incoming Republican majority in Congress has a new initiative called YouCut, which lets ordinary Americans like me propose government programs for termination. So imagine how excited I was to learn that YouCut’s first target — yes, its first target — was that notoriously bloated white elephant, the National Science Foundation."

Submission + - TheoryMine | Home (

jamie writes: "The gift of personalised, newly
discovered theorems: immortalise in mathematics your loves, friends,
teachers, and even your favourite pets by naming a new mathematical theorem."


Submission + - Maths prodigy Arran Fernandez is the youngest Camb (

jamie writes: "He will be chaperoned to and from lectures by his father, and cannot enter bars to drink with his fellow students. It might not resemble normal student life, but Arran Fernandez is not a typical undergraduate. He is, in fact, the youngest student to grace the quadrangles of Cambridge University for 237 years, since the future prime minister, William Pitt the Younger, matriculated in 1773 at the age of 14. "Rather than drink, he would like to solve the Riemann hypothesis""

Submission + - Yahoo Spends 503 CPU-Years, Comes Up with Nothing (

jamie writes: "The 2,000,000,000,000,000th bit of pi is zero, which the Yahoo! folks calculated in July using idle slices in a 1000-machine Hadoop cluster. 'To effectively utilize available cluster resources without monopolizing the whole cluster,' they write, 'we developed an elastic computation framework that automatically schedules computation slices...'"

Submission + - Shtetl-Optimized  Blog Archive  The et (

jamie writes: "This is the simplest sanity check for any attempted proof of PNP: if you’re showing that an NP-complete problem like 3SAT is not in P, then your proof had better fail for related problems like 2SAT and XOR-SAT, which are known to be in P. Everyone agrees that, if Deolalikar can’t answer this objection, the proof is toast.Unfortunately, Deolalikar has responded to pointed questions about this issue with vague promises to address it in a later draft (together with worries that the manuscript is already too long!). This doesn’t inspire confidence: if one had really proved PNP, one should be able to explain immediately why the proof fails for XOR-SAT."

Towards a Wiki For Formally Verified Mathematics 299

An anonymous reader writes "Cameron Freer, an instructor in pure mathematics at MIT, is working on an intriguing project called (video from O'Reilly Ignite Boston 4): a math wiki which only allows true theorems to be added! Based on Isabelle, a free-software theorem prover, the wiki will state all of known mathematics in a machine-readable language and verify all theorems for correctness, thus providing a knowledge base for interactive proof assistants. In addition to its benefits for education and research, such a project could reveal undiscovered connections between fields of mathematics, thus advancing some fields with no further work being necessary."

Is Mathematics Discovered Or Invented? 798

An anonymous reader points out an article up at Science News on a question that, remarkably, is still being debated after a few thousand years: is mathematics discovered, or is it invented? Those who answer "discovered" are the intellectual descendants of Plato; their number includes Roger Penrose. The article notes that one difficulty with the Platonic view: if mathematical ideas exist in some way independent of humans or minds, then human minds engaged in doing mathematics must somehow be able to connect with this non-physical state. The European Mathematical Society recently devoted space to the debate. One of the papers, Let Platonism die, can be found on page 24 of this PDF. The author believes that Platonism "has more in common with mystical religions than with modern science."

Procedural Textures the Future of Games? 132

An anonymous reader writes "bit-tech has posted an interview, with the head of Allegorithmic, Sebastian DeGuy. In it DeGuy again makes the statement that his software (which was used to make the Roboblitz game released on Steam recently) will be used to make games 90% smaller than what they currently are. He comments on why his procedural texturing technique is an evolution of the infamous .kkreiger. demo and how procedural texturing compares to Carmack's 'megatexturing'. The article includes some pretty extraordinary pictures of scenes rendered with just a few bytes as opposed to the ridiculous sizes of modern games." From the article: "Despite some similarities, technique-wise, we are quite different in several ways. First, the inner technology (the maths) that we use is based on modern maths. We use 'Wavelets', instead of classic maths method of 'Fourier Transform', which was the mathematical technique used in the past by all the procedural texturing techniques (including .kkrieger). Our technique works on a new mathematical model that I developed whilst studying for my PhD."

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