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Submission + - 9th-Grader May Face Charges after Homemade Clock Mistaken for Bomb (

bengoerz writes: 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed was led away from MacArthur High School in handcuffs and faces possible charges after teachers, school administrators, and police in Irving, Texas mistook his homemade clock for a bomb. The device — a circuit board, power supply, and digital display wired together inside a pencil box — was confiscated by a teacher after the alarm sounded in class. Despite telling everyone who would listen that his device was just a clock, Ahmed was confronted by 4 police officers, suspended for 3 days, and threatened with expulsion unless he made a written statement, before eventually being transported to a juvenile detention center to meet his parents.

Submission + - Eric Raymond on why Stallman is a dangerous fanatic (

Frosty Piss writes: According to Eric Raymond, 'RMS made an early decision to frame his advocacy as a moral crusade rather than a pragmatic argument about engineering practices and outcomes. While he made consequentialist arguments against closed source (and still does) his rhetoric and his thinking became dominated by terms like “evil”, to the point where he repeatedly alienated potential allies both with his absolutism and his demand that anyone cooperating with him share it.' Raymond goes on to say, 'By the late 1990s, after having observed RMS’s behavior for more than a decade, I had long since concluded that the Free Software Foundation’s moralistic rhetoric was serving us badly. The problem with it is the same problem with messianic religions in general; for people who are not flipped into true-believer mode by any given one, it will come off as at best creepy and insular, at worst nutty and potentially dangerous (and this remains true even for people attached to a different messianic religion).'
Open Source

Submission + - Desura Linux Client Can be Open Sourced (

dartttt writes: "Desura client for Linux may go open source. At the moment, there is only one developer who is working on the client and he shared his thoughts on making Desura Linux client open source in a recent forum post. No decision has been taken yet but he has invited comments from the community and there has been a hugely positive reaction. If all goes well Desura client for Linux can be open sourced eventually"

Submission + - Facebook Kills Popular "Lite" Version ( 1

halcyon1234 writes: "Without ceremony, warning, or any sort of given reason, Facebook has shut down Facebook Lite. Facebook lite was a trimmed down and less cluttered version of the main site. Facebook says they have "learned a lot from the test of a slimmed-down site", but has not given any indication what that knowledge will be used for."

Submission + - Why do so many Terrorists have Engineering Degrees ( 2

Socguy writes: Slate Magazine discusses the studies surrounding the issue of why so many of the terrorists have engineering degrees and comes to the conclusion that engineers and engineering students are much more likely to hold strong conservative and religious views than a general cross section of the public. Further, engineers tend to hold a particular mind-set that disdains ambiguity and compromise.

Terrorist organizations have long recognized that engineering departments are fertile ground for recruitment and have concentrated there efforts there. A 2005 report from British intelligence noted that Islamic extremists were frequenting college campuses, looking for "inquisitive" students who might be susceptible to their message. In particular, the report noted, they targeted engineers.


Submission + - NZB client for Linux ( 3

emanem writes: Hi Slashdot, I've recently coded this NZB client. It is not flashy like LottaNZB, but it just works .
All started because I needed to investigate an issue with my ISP, because LottaNZB wasn't properly working (here the discussion); then I decided to polish the sources and release it!
It's done in C++, developed on Ubuntu for Linux. It's released under the GPL v3.
After having tested with Valgrind as well I thnk it's ok to be released.
I need your expertise/suggestions on how to release it or even if you want to give me hints about the code/software itself, you're more than welcome to do so!
Everything is available here!


Submission + - Nokia claims Apple violated additional patents (

Anonymous Coward writes: "The Associated Press is reporting that: "Nokia is broadening its legal fight with Apple , saying almost all of the company's products violate its patents, not just the iPhone.
Nokia Corp. said Tuesday that it has filed a complaint against Apple Inc. with the U.S. International Trade Commission. The Finnish phone maker says Apple's iPhone, iPods and computers all violate its intellectual property rights.""

Submission + - China cyberspies...again? ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: A new report published by The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission wags a finger at the People's Republic of China for conducting Internet-borne espionage operations against United States high-tech companies. The paper, written by defence giant Northrop Grumman, provides a detailed case study of one such intrusion that moved large volumes of sensitive tech data out of a US firm in 2007. From a Wall Street Journal article: "The case study is absolutely clearly controlled and directed with a specific purpose to get at defense technology in a related group of companies," said Larry Wortzel, vice chairman of the commission and a former U.S. Army attaché in China. "There's no doubt that that's state-controlled."

Wang Baodong, a spokesman for the Chinese Embassy in Washington, criticized the commission as "a product of Cold War mentality" that was "put in place to pick China to pieces." He added: "Accusations of China conducting, or 'likely conducting' as the commission's report indicates, cyberspace attacks or espionage against the U.S. are unfounded and unwarranted."

Submission + - Holographic Huds for Cars ( 3

smitty777 writes: Light Blue Optics has developed the technology to create holographic imagery in small displays for cars, such as rear-view mirrors. The real breakthrough lies in the size of the images produced — greatly reduced through use of LCOS technology (Liquid Crystal on Silicon). I can see many uses for this augmented reality system (such as driving in dark/foggy/degraded environments), but I wonder how much the dark focus factor would be an issue. Also, how wise is it to obscure the real world with virtual images?
The Internet

Submission + - UK Public Opposes Internet ban for Filesharers

SirClicksalot writes: In a recent UK poll 70 percent of the people surveyed said they oppose plans to force ISPs to disconnect suspected filesharers. Only 16 percent spoke out in favor of automatic measures based on the accusation of copyright holders. Moreover, 30 percent indicated that they would be less likely to vote for a party that supports disconnection proposals.

Submission + - Did giant Indian impact kill the dinosaurs? (

An anonymous reader writes: Move aside Chicxulub; an even bigger asteroid impact in the Shiva basin, off the coast of India, may have been ground zero for the dinosaurs, a team of U.S. and Indian scientists say in a guaranteed-to-be-controversial finding.

Submission + - Washington Post says use Linux to avoid bank fraud (

christian.einfeldt writes: "Washington Post columnist Brian Krebs recommends that banking customers consider using a Linux LiveCD, rather than Microsoft Windows, to access their on-line banking. He tells a story of two businesses which lost $100,000 USD and $447,000 USD, respectively, when the thieves — armed with malware on the company controller's PC — were able to intercept one of those codes when the controller tried to log in, and then delay the controller from logging in. Krebs notes that he is not alone in recommending the use of non-Windows machines for banking; The Financial Services Information Sharing and Analysis Center (FS-ISAC) — a industry group supported by some of the world's largest banks — recently issued guidelines urging businesses to carry out all online banking activities form 'a stand-alone, hardened and completely locked down computer system from where regular e-mail and Web browsing is not possible.' Krebs concludes his article with a link to an earlier column in which he steps readers through the process of booting Linux LiveCDs to do their on-line banking."

Submission + - i4i Says OpenOffice Does Not Infringe Like MS Word ( 2

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "With all the armchair lawyers and pundits out there, it's interesting to see that i4i believes that OpenOffice does not infringe upon their patent. As you may remember, i4i's patent is the one that lead to a permanent injunction barring Microsoft from selling, using, encouraging the use of, testing, marketing or supporting any copies of Microsoft Word which can open files containing custom XML, subject to a bit of leniency for supporting infringing copies already sold and with respect to removing the feature in future versions. Lest anyone think that the ODF will win over OOXML because of this, keep in mind that Microsoft has its own broad XML document patent, which issued just two weeks ago (and filed in December 2004), and they're telling the Supreme Court to apply the Bilski ruling narrowly, so that it doesn't invalidate patents like theirs (and i4i's). After all, Microsoft can afford $280 million infringement fines in ways that most companies and individuals cannot. Then again, given that Microsoft's new patent has only two independent claims (claim #1 and claim #12), and both of those claims 'comprise' something using an 'XML file format for documents associated with an application having a rich set of features', maybe they wouldn't be that hard to work around if you just make sure any otherwise infringing format is only associated with an application that doesn't have a rich set of features."

Submission + - First look at Core i5 coolers (

mr_sifter writes: "Intel's Lynnfield CPUs — which will mostly be known as Core i5, except when they're Core i7 — will be released soon, and use a new CPU socket, LGA1156. It might have fewer pins than Core i7's LGA1366, but it's physically ever so slightly larger — by just 2mm. THis means you'll need a cooler for it, and bit-tech has tested five currently available models. Unsurprisingly, most are seeking to take advantage of early adopters and almost all are finger-shreddingly difficult to fit..."
Social Networks

Submission + - SPAM: How to - 5 Tips to Promote Your Business Brand Usi

Andrew Wong writes: "As an entrepreneur, I've realized how cost-effective it can be to promote your business/organizations/brands online. It goes without saying it takes some time to build your online presence. In this post, I will briefly cover five ways to promote your own brands using social media — continue reading @ [spam URL stripped]"
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