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Submission + - Russian asteroid-nuking project is 15 years old (

jamax writes: According to this article here (russian only, google's translation is here) Russias' State Rocket Center ( — english version available) has finished drawing up plans for anti-asteroid nuclear missle comlpex to either convert incoming asteroids into rubble by a nuclear explosion on its surface or pushing them off-course by exploding nuke near it.
The system consists of two vehicles — recon module "Caissa" and payload module "Kapkan" (snare in russian) and is to be launched on top of either Soyuz-2 or Rus-M carriers.
They claim the projected system to be able to take care of asteroids with diameter up to 300 meters.
The SRC presentation stressed the fact that the two space vehicles were developed by SRC alongside two other institutions for the past 15 years, so threre is an actual chance that it is not more vapourware we get so much of from Russian space agency in the last 5-10 years..

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