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Submission + - Article: Ubuntu - beyond the hype (

Rob Teng writes: "To start of 2008, an in depth article: Ubuntu — Beyond the Hype has just been posted. The article discusses the merits of Ubuntu, going way beyond installation, configuration and into daily use, highlights and shortcomings, touching on Kubuntu and Xubuntu as well. From the article: "All users of any other distribution have seen this, myself included. We've seen Ubuntu proponents diss our own distribution (doesn't matter which one that is). We've seen the claims being made that Ubuntu is the first to get right what any other distribution "has not gotten right yet", whereas we sometimes know that this is incorrect. We've read the comments how Ubuntu is ready for the masses where all other distributions are not there yet.
In short, we've seen and read the hype.
On the other hand, like all Linux distributions I have used so far, Ubuntu is a full fledged Linux system. On top of the myriad of software packages, easy installation, up to date hardware support, Ubuntu sports some really great features (such as Synaptic and apt-get, sudo and the whole method of system administration) that it inherits from Debian. It's a very usable if not enjoyable system."
BTW Happy New Year!"

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