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Submission + - Hate the new Star Wars movies? Love the Subway! (

jafo writes: I can't imagine that even the most steadfast haters of Lucas' meddling in the series won't warm their cold, cold hearts a little when the new release brings the awesomeness of light sabers to the Tokyo subway system. As a promotional tie-in, the handrails have been outfitted with stickers, LEDs, and buttons, turning them into fully-functional (well, almost) Jedi weapons. Be careful, Tokyo, of what part of the handrail you reach out for!

Submission + - Intel Series 320 SSDs: 600GB to 8MB If Power Lost (

jafo writes: "Over the last couple of weeks there have been many reports that Intel Series 320 SSDs, including the mighty 600GB version, are downgrading to a capacity of 8MB. Speculation is that this is caused by the drive being disconnected from power. Intel has responded with few details other than that they are working on a firmware fix. My own personal experience has been a nearly identical failure over the weekend of a 32GB Intel X-25E Enterprise drive, forcing me to wonder if the problem is more widespread than just the Series 320."

Submission + - What Information for Home Information Display ( 3

jafo writes: 14 years ago when we moved into our house, I hacked a single-line LED display to show the date and time. I saw a clock that had the outside temperature on it, and I realized I could pull that from a neighbors Internet connected weather station. Over the years I've hooked up the phone to show Caller ID, a web form where you could post messages to it, and even had it count down to the billenium for a party. But recently I've had a spare HD panel and decided to revamp the "Big Board". It shows time, date, temp and wind speed, and today/tomorrows forecast. I have half the display empty though, I haven't had any good ideas on what to put there. What would you like to see always displayed in your home?

Submission + - I've Traveled Here From 1988 To Say This ( 1

jafo writes: For about the last 6 months I've been trying to decide what advice I would have wanted when I was 18 (for me, that was 1988). A recent XKCD combined with a "homework assignment" from my about-to-graduate nephew's English teacher finally combined forces to get me to sit down and write a letter from the past. What advice would you want to have heard as you were about to take another step into the "real world"? I mean besides "Don't Do It (tm)!".
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Conference Wireless Network Report: PyCon 2010 (

jafo writes: There's been a lot of teeth gnashing going on recently about broken wireless at conferences. We just wrapped up PyCon 2010, with around 600 (out of 1,000) attendees simultaneously accessing the volunteer-run network, and response has been fairly positive. 2.4GHz (802.11b/g) continues to be problematic, but most users were on 5.2GHz and associating at 130mbps (with a 100mbps link to the net). My PyCon 2010 wrap-up reveals all the secrets of how we did it, including pretty bandwidth and user graphs.

Submission + - DRBD Accepted Into 2.6.33 Kernel (

jafo writes: Florian has announced that DRBD has been pulled into Linus' tree and will be in the 2.6.33 mainline kernel release. DRBD is a Linux driver which does RAID-like mirroring of hard drives, but between different systems across the network. It's most commonly used for high availability, real-time multi-site data replication, and SAN-less clustered file-systems. As a longtime DRBD user, I'm happy to see this tip of the hat to such a useful project.

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