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Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 973

She doesn't need press conferences. Did you miss the part where major news sources go to the DNC for "approval" on what they may or may not print about Clinton? Seeing as how that's WaPo, the DNC probably approved that very article.

An interesting attempt by them to appear unbiased, though.

More likely she can't do press conferences. She hasn't owned a high enough percentage of the "journalists" to guarantee she only gets softball questions.

She can't hack the pressure anymore. The little seizures, strokes, or whatever are catching up to her.

I fully expect to see her to drop with some medical reason right there on live TV. The debates aren't going to be about who "wins" they'll be about watching to see if the vessels in Hillary's head pop during the questions or not.

Comment Re:Trump University. (Score 1) 973

Trump has never held an elective or appointive office in his entire life.

But there is damn little reason to believe that he is capable of playing by the rules or accepting responsibility for anything that goes wrong.

People like him in politics precisely _because_ he doesn't play by the political rules. The same rules that let Clinton sell favors from the State Department to foreign governments and businesses. Those rules are part of them problem.

Comment Re:NO IT'S NOT... (Score 1) 973

It's not violating our national security, it would merely be violating a personal server. Remember....that's what we've been told.

What's the big deal? There were only yoga positions and muffin recipes on that server anyway. So there are now more flexible well-fed Russians. What difference does that make?

Comment Re: The basest, vilest (Score 1) 973

Bernie sold out for a handful of shekels But don't you DARE call us racist.

Don't forget the airplane. I hope he hires some good technicians... or he may end up on the list of unfortunate deaths surrounding the Clintons. "Oops! I guess we forgot to put the hydraulic fluid back in that... think they can fly without the tail working?"

Comment Re:Wait... Entire Article Complete Lie (Score 1) 973

What the mother loving fuck? Can Slashdot editors READ? Is the data now in CURSIVE?

Oh, and your video doesn't say what you say it says.

Slashdot fucked the duck on this one.

Mis-quoted, taken out of context after letting the main stream media run it through their overlords at the DNC and you fucking droolers post this shit?

I hope your daddy lied to your mummy like that and actually did cum in her mouth.

And, that's also stacked on the unsubstantiated LIE that the Russians did the DNC hacks. Hello, I can make my computer type cyrillic characters, and I can use proxies or compromised devices in other countries. Does that make me Russian?

What a bunch of pathetic nonsense.

Comment Re:Seems mostly like a left wing echo chamber (Score 1) 106

Milo aside, the "left wing echo chamber" part is correct.

Why would twitter grow any more? Any leftist that wants to echo is already on it? The remainder of people who aren't, aren't leftists and therefore won't join.

Twitter needs to figure out how to use ads to make money with the existing user base. They going to get any bigger.

Comment Re: Hah! (Score 1) 460

The biggest improvement to safety from violence you can make is to move out of the USA. Not to buy a gun.

Actually, it's;

Don't be depressed. (#1 killer with guns)

Don't hang around criminals, or be one

Don't be male and black in the inner city, or hang around black males in the inner city

Avoiding either of those last two reduces the "risk of getting shot" by about 98%. Both, and it's closer to five nines percentages. There is still some latent risk, like from stray bullets, random robberies, negligent discharge, etc. I agree, if you have a tendency to be depressed, you shouldn't own a gun. (Goes for any other mental illness really.)

The FBI and CDC have stats that show this, go look them up. If you line up those rates with those of other countries, US beats most of europe as far is "no violence" most of the time especially if you count recent numbers after lots of immigration.

If you are a white, asian, or hispanic, not a dumbass and not a criminal, having a gun in the house makes no goddamn difference. And you can offset some of the "random robbery" risk to boot. (There are as many as 6 million "defend but no shoot" self defense actions every year. Guns work for that without firing a shot. Many of these are out and about though, so carry concealed or open. There arent many people counting these though, probably for political reasons. NRA has some stats somewhere if you want them.)

Lastly, if you move out of the USA all the positive aspects of a firearm go away, along with freedom of speech, freedom of religion and a bunch of other stuff.

So, basically, "don't be a dumbass" and all of a sudden your "risk of getting shot" drops precipitously.

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