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Comment Re:Whither privacy? (Score 2) 305

Right - just like how secretaries don't have a sexual harassment claim unless the boss locked the exit door before pressuring them into sex. They can always quit!

Was sexual harassment in the job description? Chances are, the folks at MS had at least some clue what they were getting into, even if during the training.

If you are going to have a panty-clutching pearl-waste response to something, at least do it right. That shit above, was a pathetic effort.

Comment Re:Where are the Nuclear power fans now? (Score 1) 173

The only people dumber than the ones who built this reactor are the ones who want to build thousands of untested reactors all around the world. Tell me, do you have a ready-made list of excuses when design and construction flaws are exposed, and will you have a fall-back position?

Dumb people can't build reactors.

There will never be "thousands" of reactors.

"untested" is a completely false supposition and makes your scare-mongering look even stupider.

You don't know the first thing about this stuff do you? Does your mommy know you are at the computer?

Comment Re:100 years? (Score 1) 173

I refuse to accept the we will be as ignorant in 100 years as we are today. We've already learnt that nuclear power plants are a stupid idea. Why would we build more?

That KIND of nuclear plants are not a good idea.

There are significantly safer and more efficient designs now. A trend that's likely to continue.

Also, if you don't drink a quart of vodka before your shift and then go play with the pretty dials and lights, all reactors new generation and old generation are much safer.

We could easily have fission and fusion reactors safe enough for every street corner in the future.

Comment Re:A clear preference (Score 1) 734

Not to mention that Hillary Clinton used the CIA to influence the 2011 Russian elections against Putin's party. This is just payback in kind.

Your statement appears to assume that Russian elections are fair and honest.

Two corrupt wannabe dictators fuck with one another.

The rest of us should go to war over it?

How about we put em both in the Thunderdome and let nature take it's course.

Comment Re:Anti-science bullshit is the new normal here (Score 1) 364

Indeed. If slashdot is going to venture out of tech space, at least they could do is stick to science. This is just a dumbed down scaremonger piece. It has no place in scientific discussion. (other than maybe to point out what is NOT science)

Yes. But now you know ice isn't just useful for drinks at parties!!

Comment Re:aka PgDn "trick" (Score 2) 309

They are bash shortcuts.

And no, they are only worth knowing if you find yourself stuck without gui editors, as no one in their right mind gives a fuck about raw bash text manipulation.

Actually, lots of people are starting to care to a much larger degree. The tools they are complaining about in TFA are used for keyboard navigation, screen readers, reader enhancers, etc. for disability ADA compliance. Non ADA compliance is going to be 2017's big boogyman issue to fix on the web.

The static toolbar at the top is one of the ways you can solve the "skip navigation" requirement for keyboard tabbing navigation and "No CSS" functionality. Put the div at the bottom of the code, and position it at the top and boom, you solve several compliance problems.

That said, the space bar is pretty useful for browsing and realistically what should happen is browsers should have a tool that lets you set the scroll distance yourself, and to set it customized by site. (Which, is already done with zoom factors.)

Comment Re:Perceptual or cryptographic hash? (Score 1) 262

They will SAY it's a proprietary learning algorithm.

What it will BE is a string of four sweatshop warehouses in the Philippines full of people at desks sitting on folding chairs looking at each image, video and post who get a few extra points toward a 3 cent raise for every thousand instances they do correctly.

Comment Or you could WASH YOUR HANDS (Score 2) 193

Just wash your hands... well.

I started doing this a couple decades ago; wash hands well after doing or before doing any of the following:

Handling money
going out in public
Using the restroom
before cooking anything
after getting home from anywhere for any reason
after touching anything else that belongs to someone else (so their computer keyboards, personal effects, etc.

Use real soap, warm water, lather up, rinse and then dry.

This will dramatically reduce your exposure to all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including cold viruses.

I get at most, one cold a year, sometimes I don't get one at all.

Comment Re:Google's accuracy is 60 miles (Score 1) 64

... so this is an utter worthless feature. Last year a marketing agency did a large scale survey to verify how accurate Google knows where your phone is. It turned out that the average accuracy was 60 miles off. Google's technology really isn't that good unless you actively opt in with their Maps services.

YOUR phone sure. Individual.

Phones in general... well they have a good handle on that. Traffic is already tracked by phones, and most of them are not using some map app at the time.

It's an easy step to get to noting how many phones are in a mall.

Comment Re:Blah blah blah (Score 0) 667

With all due deference to Admiral Rogers, we all know those bears broke into the DNC using NSA's back doors. National security has been undermined by those who assert the security of the state demands society's surveillance to the point of damage. Now it's all "Ask not what the government can do to you, but what you can do to them." I tell ya, we gotta rethink security.

There was a phishing email in the Podesta leaks that very well could have been how his account got hacked and all his email stolen. Discussion indicated he, and others, very likely clicked on it and had passwords harvested.

He re-used very simple passwords too, so other social media accounts were taken over.

The most likely culprit of getting emails to WikiLeaks is Seth Rich doing an inside job, who is now dead.

Anthony Weiner's computer had 650k emails on it, which have now been spread around. The exposure of crimes by the Clintons is not over yet. THAT set of emails came from... Huma having the passwords for admin or a long list of email accounts.

There is no proof or evidence a back door was used.

There is no proof or evidence the Russia did anything as a state actor, and not even proof it was a Russian kid or something.

And if they DID, that doesn't change the Clinton's crimes any... and the big Harambe in the corner is Clinton was very likely to set us on a path to war with Russia if she got in office.

I know you little young punks didn't grow up under threat of getting nuked so you don't care about getting nuked all that much... but you should. They are still out there and even a limited nuclear exchange would be far worse than any triggering event making you run to your safe space than you can imagine.

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