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Comment Or you could WASH YOUR HANDS (Score 2) 193

Just wash your hands... well.

I started doing this a couple decades ago; wash hands well after doing or before doing any of the following:

Handling money
going out in public
Using the restroom
before cooking anything
after getting home from anywhere for any reason
after touching anything else that belongs to someone else (so their computer keyboards, personal effects, etc.

Use real soap, warm water, lather up, rinse and then dry.

This will dramatically reduce your exposure to all kinds of bacteria and viruses, including cold viruses.

I get at most, one cold a year, sometimes I don't get one at all.

Comment Re:Google's accuracy is 60 miles (Score 1) 64

... so this is an utter worthless feature. Last year a marketing agency did a large scale survey to verify how accurate Google knows where your phone is. It turned out that the average accuracy was 60 miles off. Google's technology really isn't that good unless you actively opt in with their Maps services.

YOUR phone sure. Individual.

Phones in general... well they have a good handle on that. Traffic is already tracked by phones, and most of them are not using some map app at the time.

It's an easy step to get to noting how many phones are in a mall.

Comment Re:Blah blah blah (Score 0) 667

With all due deference to Admiral Rogers, we all know those bears broke into the DNC using NSA's back doors. National security has been undermined by those who assert the security of the state demands society's surveillance to the point of damage. Now it's all "Ask not what the government can do to you, but what you can do to them." I tell ya, we gotta rethink security.

There was a phishing email in the Podesta leaks that very well could have been how his account got hacked and all his email stolen. Discussion indicated he, and others, very likely clicked on it and had passwords harvested.

He re-used very simple passwords too, so other social media accounts were taken over.

The most likely culprit of getting emails to WikiLeaks is Seth Rich doing an inside job, who is now dead.

Anthony Weiner's computer had 650k emails on it, which have now been spread around. The exposure of crimes by the Clintons is not over yet. THAT set of emails came from... Huma having the passwords for admin or a long list of email accounts.

There is no proof or evidence a back door was used.

There is no proof or evidence the Russia did anything as a state actor, and not even proof it was a Russian kid or something.

And if they DID, that doesn't change the Clinton's crimes any... and the big Harambe in the corner is Clinton was very likely to set us on a path to war with Russia if she got in office.

I know you little young punks didn't grow up under threat of getting nuked so you don't care about getting nuked all that much... but you should. They are still out there and even a limited nuclear exchange would be far worse than any triggering event making you run to your safe space than you can imagine.

Comment Re:Culling when the Poles Flip (Score 2) 522

I've been reading about the poles reversing for years, but haven't heard much in the way of how it would affected humanity, other than GPS. Got any info I can read up on?

I'm a geologist myself, but with a focus on Karst systems.

The idea being the radiation blocking the magnetic field of the planet does prevents damage to life on the surface.

During pole flip, the magnetic field is chaotic and lets more of the sun and interstellar radiation through.

Comment Re:Luckily for them, this is Trump (Score 1) 173

I suppose it's a typical leftist mindset that people should be able to break contracts and essentially steal money from the other party by not fulfilling their obligations while pocketing the money. Apparently Trump doesn't agree with that. Good on him.

If I were a democrat, I'd be more worried about all the funds the clintons took in bribes and the liabilities those bribes created.

Some of those folks didn't get what they were promised for their money. Some might get their money back, the ones that don't might act out.

Comment Re:Backlash or Bias? (Score 1) 470

The article sounds like they were trying to avoid bias, not backlash.

The GOP has plenty of issues without anyone needing to make more for them.

They are trying to avoid APPEARING biased.

If you know anything about Zuckerburg at all, it will be clear the goal is not facts or truth. Never was, never will be.

There is going to be a long, slow, and huge backlash against the media and their leftist lies. Z-dog is just trying to avoid getting caught up in it. (He will fail.)

Comment Re:How many times does someone have to lie? (Score 1) 469

How many times does someone have to lie?

If I came into your living room and lied to you multiple times, would you trust me? Why are you even listening to the MSM outlets at this point??? They are paid liars.

The folks that run slashdot now ARE the same types.

They have been pushing the same lies the whole time. Submission after submission with nothing but users calling them out on the bullshit, plus a few of the usual clintonista shills.

So the answer to your question is "a bunch more times"

Comment Re:surprise surprise (Score 3, Insightful) 469

Yet they didn't reach out to any of the other candidates, or in any of the other previous elections?

Does "hacking their email" count as reaching out? ;)

Considering the path Clinton was likely to set us upon, I wholeheartedly disagree that the Russians talking with Trump is a bad thing.

Russia is a nuclear-armed big army nuke-sub having high technology former nigh-superpower that has accepted that they aren't going to be able to wipe us out (we WON the Cold War, remember?). It's good to be their friends, it's good to be talking to them.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 192

So, because Apple is involved, it's ok to pass off shoddy untested and unverified products at the same time as ripping off a company's trade dress and defrauding customers.

These aren't just generic USB chargers you plug into the wall - these are made and advertised to look like genuine Apple products, using Apple logos and everything. Except that they aren't.

Good to know that irrationality still wins the day with both Apple's fans, and detractors.

Speaking of irrational, which ignorant consumer thinks they're actually buying a "genuine" Apple cable from the most infamous fixed-price electronics vendor on the planet, at a fraction of what they charge everywhere else?

Give me a break. Yes, you have a point regarding counterfeiting, but when something is way too good to be true, it probably is.

It just makes me all that more certain that Apple is price gouging on all their products.

There is NOTHING in those cables that should make them cost 26 bucks.

Comment Re:Yeah. Right (Score 3, Insightful) 367

Or are you one of those gullible people who believe that the media is biased against Trump despite the media actually greatly assistingTrump's campaign by repeating every damn stupid thing that he says? He'd never have made it through the primaries if the mainstream media weren't so obsessed with him.

They unconsciously assisted Trump. They were competing with each other for viewership. The media didn't believe its own adage, "Any news is good news" because it gives name recognition. Now, the main news outlets, and even Google search results, clearly favor Hillary.

It's the same stuff every day: Everybody is SO Appalled by ______ (insert modified v of what he actually said) that Trump said.; Clinton is (destroying, crushing, obliterating, overwhelming) Trump in popularity.

Just look at tomorrow's lead stories. That's what they will say.

This, btw, is why you should vote against Hillary. At least Trump will have a hostile press.

The part I'd like to know is when did "the news" become 24/7 instructions on what to think and feel about things.

Try it, just consume whatever news you do, and take note of the time they spend on "the what" verses the time they spend telling you what to think and feel. "You will be shocked!" No. Dude. A responsible and intelligent (not to mention wise) person decides that stuff for themselves. YOUR job as a "journalist" (in quotes, because there aren't any anymore) is to find information, collate it into useful form, and present it.

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