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Comment Re:Private Offices (Score 1) 339

And disable speakerphone capability on all phones. Make hallways so narrow that people can't and won't congregate to monkey-jabber at each other. Make having a personal phone call on a cell phone in non-break areas or meeting rooms a fire-able offense.

Office spaces should be designed around what kind of work is done in them. There should be coding-only areas, and "sales people allowed" areas.

Comment Re:Already solved! (Score 1) 76

Isn't this what free apps like HiYa and TrueCaller do?

With apps like that, you're still getting the robocalls, you just don't see them. The carrier still has to carry them. They take up bandwidth on the trunks and frequency allocation on the cell towers. The ones that originate as VOIP sessions from some boiler room in Bangalore clog up valuable spectrum on transatlantic cables. The earlier in the process they can be blocked, the better.

Those are all still problems, you are right.

But, they are now the CARRIERS's problem, not mine.

It's their problem to fix anyway, so that's right where the pain should be to get the issues resolved.

Comment Re:Block on the phone. (Score 1) 76

That's stupid. I don't know the number someone might call me from during an emergency. I want all calls to come through, except for the ones made by jerks.

Both tools should be available.

Nobody depends on me. "Emergency" is not something anybody would call me for.

Others, with job, family, etc. may need to be available from a wide variety of places (i.e. some random school administrator)

Voicemail will be fine for any non-contact list communication for lots of people.

Really what needs to happen is a DNSSEC-like signature system between phone companies and the switches and the phone so that spoofed numbers are automatically blocked no matter what. Not that I do this, but there is far too much easy-to-break-into phone equipment out there still.

Comment Re:No, "offensive" is defined as racism (Score 1) 253

Trump (really Bannon, Trump's just the mouth piece) managed to make racism OK again. I'll Let that one sink in...

Actually, it started long before those two hit the stage with any power.

See, there is an old story about a boy, and a possibly fictitious wolf...

The way to understand why this happened, is to go take your mirror off the wall, put it on the floor in a well lit room, take off your pants, and slowly sit on it while closely looking at the mirror. Nobody cares anymore about what you think is "racism" because you said it about everybody and everything. Which is probably the case with your opinion here too. But, even if you WERE right, still, nobody cares, because you already used up your ability to actually accurately call someone out.

You should try something else to bleat your horn about. (Hey, how about actual valid criticism on actual actions?!? nah, you can't find none of that)

Comment Re: Youtube lost me to forced ads. (Score 1) 253

Or use a HOSTS file ad blocker.

I have been smiling my way through this entire bitch fest of a thread wondering about all the wonderful ads I have missed and had know idea they existed.

There's a file set maintained by some hobbyist (not our famous slashdot spammer) that provides a HOSTS file for you to drop into your operating system. Another option is running your own DNS and getting one of the "block by domain" tools. I see a few ads on facebook that are fed directly from their servers, but all google tracking, all ads (including inline on youtube) and everything else is blocked and the requests for them never leave my computer.

Some day, they'll figure out how to stop what I am doing. Until then, no ads for me!

Also note, I get almost zero drive by browser attacks even on risky sites with this. It's much more secure browsing too.

Comment Re:why should i care?` (Score 4, Insightful) 554

The students sued because the lectures were not available in a suitable format to meet the requirements of the ADA. The university had two choices - spend all kinds of money to make them available meeting the requirements of the ADA, or take them down. The law of unintended consequences at work. The ADA is a good thing, until you go ape shit with it.


One minor correction. The students DIDNT sue. Some fucking ambulance chaser bottom feeder lawyer sued.

The students were just used as the "injured party."

There's all kinds of that shit going on now all over, the financial industry is getting hit too. Threat letters and demands for settlement because some site is not compliant with the ADA in context of NO requirement to be ADA compliant. (Usually ADA compliance means WCAG 2.0 but of course, since there's no governing body then it might not be good enough.)

Having the content in a web site be accessible is good. Using it not be so to pad the pockets of some scum-sucking lawyer is not.

Comment Re:So, tables? (Score 1) 87

A bit more? It's like comparing a rowboat to an ocean linear.

How do those tables work in a responsive layout? How much mark up do you need to create a table layout vs the same thing with a CSS grid layout? Is the table layout completely independent from it's content?

It's not that structuring things in a way that was similar to a table was a problem, it's that tables were woefully inadequate. That lead people to using floats, which were really meant for having text float around images. Now we have flexbox for general content and grids for overall page construction. With these tools, the web might be mature enough that we don't need a whole new system every 5 years.

I used to be a table layout expert. Learned all the tricks. That was OK when we had 1024x768 monitors all over and nobody had a wide aspect ratio screen.

Then switched to CSS, and I see the GP's point, the relativism makes some aspects a bit harder. CSS and DIVs are harder and about the same layout-wise.

Then I went and tried to make a table layout site ADA compliant (just Section 508, not the newer standards) and realized the table layout methods need to die permanently.

Comment Re:It's all about CONVENIENCE. (Score 1) 244

Netflix and Amazon Prime have fuck all content. Both libraries are shrinking as they throw money into their own shows instead of renting it from content owners. What they offer is good enough to be superior to live TV and incessant fucking adverts, but it's way too small a selection unless you've not seen anything for over a decade.


I watch random stuff. Amazon Prime Video keeps me occupied enough with what is there to suit my purposes.

Just recently I went back and watched all three seasons of the original Star Trek, Generation Kill, and Band of Brothers.

None of those would even get a second glance if I had to pay for them directly.

Yes, if you want the latest X-men dreck then you might be disappointed. But as an alternative to channel surfing or Youtube it works great.

Comment Re: it's all over, anyway (Score 1) 300

Stop relying on your ISP for DNS. Use open DNS' servers or even Google's at and and the DNS searching thing is no more.

In this case, you are replacing Google tracking your DNS lookups (and possibly your ISP if they care to look at the traffic passing) with what your ISP was doing with your mistaken typos to non-existent domains.

One may be better than the other, but don't be thinking you are avoiding tracking doing it.

Comment Re: Who's Responsibility? (Score 2) 246

"Correlating and evaluating intelligence related to the national security.."

Bobs hacked Samsung TV is not a national security issue. Its not the CIA's job to worry about the fact that someone could possibly compromise your smart phone revealing all your most sensitive dick picks. The CIA holds on to vulnerabilities like these to do little insignificant things like hacking the NK nuclear missile programs stalling a potential international conflict, hacking Iranian nuke programs, thwarting terrorist bombings by interception of communications, destabilizing foreign nations that are apposed to your existence, etc.. But I'm sure your dick pics should be their top priority.

You forgot "Spy on opposition candidates"

Comment Re: Not a secret anymore (Score 2) 233

It's more likely that the widespread changes to data access that were made shortly before the inauguration allowed this leak. Raw data was shared for reasons that are speculated to be "cause more leaks," for political reasons obviously.

It's unfortunate that now we are going to see a bunch of not politically relevant leaks no matter what "side" you are on too, some will be damaging to foreign policy and safety of the Western World.

Some leaks will still be about the two political parties. Some will be ordinary "get paid to sell secrets" type. Probably the majority of them in fact.

The US is going to continue to bleed secret data of all types. Maybe we'll get a photo of the new stealth bomber and find out what kind of aliens are at area 51... but the Chinese are also going to make leaps and bounds that will quickly become a worldwide military problem.

Comment Re:That org is garbage (Score 1) 377

The world is getting more right-wing. Soon you'll be hearing about people who are kind of like Yuppies, but not exactly, and hear things like, "Greed is Good." And basic income will be lost in the noise. As soon as people realize Trump is not Hitler (a low bar, to be sure) they're going to flock to his side. It's like a game of football: the winners of the superbowl become super popular. Watch it happen.

Trump doesn't even have to be appealing in any way for this to happen.

Take a look at the two top DNC folks now, who are "the leaders" of what the democrats will be doing. Tom Perez Chairman, Keith Ellison vice-Chair. Google these guys and what they have been doing their entire lives, and compare that to what the "centrist" base of the democratic party might want.

The dems are DOOMED if they can't get control of their radical communist/progressive ideas.

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