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Comment Re:This is my shocked face (Score 1) 272

If you track its orbit, it does not cross Beijing ( or Washington DC ). The only US states it crosses is the southern parts from Californian to Texas. Aside from crossing parts of North and South America, its orbit is mostly over water.

The orbit is a normal "procession" where it could pass over any point (especially uncontrolled) between about 45 degrees North and 45 degrees South of the equator.

True, Alaska is not at risk, but the whole of the CONUS is, Northern South America, most of Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia and Southern Europe.

It's more of a "belt" of possible overflight than geographic regions.

Comment Re:So in other words it's used and is useful (Score 1) 248

This is really silly. All a barometer needs is either one or two tiny holes (depending on the design of the sensor). The sensor would need to be sealed to the sensor and water tight, of course, but that is required by any sensor they might use. This story is simply an excuse.

I'll guess two possible reasons for this: 1. Force more use of Apple patented and licensed tech for headphones 2. Allow DRM implementation at the headphone jack to further control what can be played on the iPhone

The iPhone6+ (and possibly others) already has a barometer in it.

Barometer on a chip has been a thing for decades already. No "sealed box" needed.

They may have added the vent and moved the sensor for the existing barometer, but it's not a new feature. Gortex venting will probably greatly slow down the sensitivity so make it less useful for stuff they claim it might do.

Comment Re:Fake GPS location spoofer (Score 1) 395

How about using Fake GPS location spoofer? Is it able to send fake coordinates to Google Play, too?

I'm sure a GPS location spoofer, if such a thing exists, is highly illegal and would get you in big trouble to use it. GPS signals are on a licensed part of the spectrum, and interfering with those frequencies can cause not just your GPS device to fail, but possibly others around you. GPS is used in in some life or death applications, such as air navigation, so I imagine the feds would take this kind of spoofing very, very seriously.

The reference to a spoofer in this case, is software that runs on the phone to tell the OS and the apps on the phone where the phone is. There isn't any radio frequency involved.

Recently it's been used to let people "walk around" playing Pokemon Go while sitting in their basement.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 644

So when carrying a revolver, would you keep the current chamber empty? Or the next one that comes on an errant trigger pull? That leaves 2/5-2/6 of the capacity unused. Nobody ever did it that way. Why would you assume differently with a more modern, "safer" firearm?

You would leave the chamber empty for storage (say, a safe) at least because a round can "cook off" in a fire. Don't need to be shooting firefighters accidentally.

In cases other than fire... Modern firearms, even with exposed hammers have ways of blocking it from going off unless the trigger is pulled. You wouldn't need to have an empty chamber on a revolver or semiautomatic unless the firearm was made before 1900 AND it was malfunctioning. Around 1870 or so, they invented revolvers that won't go off even if you smack the dropped hammer.

In other words, you are thinking of cowboy movies.

Generally now days, a firearm you are "ready" to use will have one in the chamber. (Hint: treat them as such until you know otherwise)

Comment Re:Useful for desalination plants? (Score 2) 80

The total steam production will be limited to the same amount of evaporation you would get from the pond naturally.

No, and that dissimilarity is the whole point of the exercise. The pond is a huge body of water. As long as you heat that evenly (or at least a layer of non-negligible thickness, which the sun normally does, then the temperature and evaporation are low. This floating device is designed to heat up a small amount of water to a much higher temperature. This increases the overall evaporation, because energy is not used to warm up the rest of the water. Unless you want to evaporate the entire pond, there is a difference between heating up only the water you want to turn into steam and heating up all the water.

Another way to say this is: You use the energy you get to heat the part that's important (the layer exposed to the air that CAN evaporate) more efficiently.

How these things could be used isn't real obvious. Maybe along the coast to increase evaporation and moisture carried in wind that travels inland? I have seen a few diagrams of greenhouses with dew collectors on the ocean side to catch evaporated seawater for use.

Though, I can't see how they would be much better than getting the sand on shore wet, maybe the fact they do this unattended....

Comment Re:Trivial??? (Score 1) 140

And yet if something illegal happens on the WiFi, will the govt ignore it?

This is a horrible idea, sorry. The govt should bring in WiFi hotspots, and not put locals at risk.

Considering the arbitrary and capricious (not to mention illogical and nearly insane) actions of the Italian court system a person would have to be totally stupid to assume the government wouldn't immediately turn around and throw someone in jail for a monkey-trial if something illegal happened on their open wi-fi.

Heck, they threw geologists in jail for not predicting a quake right just a few years ago. Think the same group of italian government turds aren't sniffing around this quake?

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 4, Interesting) 990

No, you're just trying to use a fringe case to favour your bias..

People buy stuff FOR the fringe cases.

The cooler that can keep stuff frozen for 48 hours is a fringe case.

The video card that can do 60 FPS on the latest game is the fringe case.

The stereo, laser printer, TV, and microwave are all tools used in small parameters but the fringe cases is what separates them from others of their kind.

Ask any tradesman that does anything physical or with their hands about tools and they'll say "buy once cry once" essentially saying "buy for the fringe case"

Insurance is fringe case all around.

Travel and getting the car prepared for a 400 mile non-stop drive from "empty" in 15 minutes on the way out of town is a fringe case.

You are completely delusional if you think the case of the average is what motivates people, and what makes a tool useful.

So no, you are not right. You are just to narrow minded to think about the non-asbergers point of view when you think of all the little numbers in your head.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable to me (Score 1) 308

Surely there were ways to run the same event without lying about what they were doing.

Slashdot has it figured out, ask for questions, collect and collate them all, pick the best ones that the staff wants to have and then pose them to the guest.

Twitter could do that with having a handful of people then re-post the questions so they are "live" and it's quick off the cuff answers not some cynical slick think tank response.

They didn't. Not because they couldn't, but because they didn't want to. They CHOSE to lie about it.

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