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Comment This is not good! (Score -1) 86

This is just another weapon whose effect will be to prolong the war. It is no different than more troops or more bombs. It certainly will not have the desired effect. The insurgents will observe the new strategy and adjust their tactics to counter it. The idea that there is some new weapon will allow us to "win" the war is an illusion. This happens on a regular basis, we should recognize the pattern by now. There is no "silver bullet" that will allow us to win. We have done enough, it is time to leave!

Comment A broader issue! (Score 0) 233

Publishing it on the net satisfies the "making it public" aspect of this issue. However the fact that internet publications are ephemeral, like everything on the net, poses a problem. How to prove publication on a certain date after it has disappeared.

I propose that some internet entity accept such publications and put them on the net. Someone like could put them up so there would be central location that could be searched for public domain prior art. This would establish the date and the content after the original vanished into the either.

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