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Comment Re:Like the idea (Score 1) 371

And what if the truck tries changing lanes at one of those overhead barriers? Smack, boom. It'd be much better to put a concrete divider along the lane, "permanently" dividing the inner bus lane and the outer lanes. Then have areas of the road where you can switch lanes. Kind of like the reversible express lanes (at least those in Chicago). Still could be a nightmare tho. You'd probably have to stop traffic switching lanes as a bus came past. Which will likely result in (probably) temporary backups at those locations.

Again, just put tracks above the road.

Comment Re:We All Wish (Score 1) 872

Ummm....John Christy lead IPCC author is a "skeptic".

"I am mainly skeptical about those who claim to be so confident in understanding the climate system that they know what it is going to do in the next 100 years. This is my main complaint - overconfidence. We of all professions should be the most humble because there is so much about the climate system that we simply do not know."

"I just recently had a paper on snowfall in the southern Sierra published showing no trend in the last 94 years which indicates natural water resources in the San Joaquin Valley are fine, so that shortages are clearly a function of management and law"

"Natural variability is still the major driver of the climate changes that create challenges for society. The one confident conclusion we can make about added CO2 is that the biosphere has clearly been invigorated"

"the wealthier the country is, the better is its environment"

Obviously another right winger.


Comment Re:HEY now. (Score 1) 460

hmmm....this might explain a the winter when it's cold we burn lots of fossil fuels to keep warm. This in turn causes the earth to warm, so we use less fossil fuels. As we use less, the earth gradually starts to cool again, until we are forced to burn lots of fossil fuels again, which heats up the earth......etc.

Comment Re:The answer is yes. (Score 1) 1093

And making actual scientists try and reason with all of you is an utter waste of their time, which we'd rather they spent doing their actual job.

Yeah! Doing their jobs!

Which apparently means flying off to Copenhagen, driving around in gas-guzzling limos and SUVs, and galavanting around with the free hookers.

As soon as those screaming about the Climate Crisis, start ACTING like there's a Climate Crisis, maybe I'll start to listen to them.

Instead they spew out carbon equivalent to all of that expelled by Morocco for an entire year.

Crisis my ass.


Comment Re:Any alternatives? (Score 2, Informative) 420

James O'Keefe . Zombie ( are the first two that just jump to mind. Then there's the ACORN scandals, the Kevin Jennings scandal, Van Jones, Valerie Jarrett the slum lord, Michelle Obama and her hospital's practice of shoving poor patients to other hospitals.

Like we need more fake Rush Limbaugh quotes, fact-checking of SNL skits, or another Rathergate.


Comment Re:Right, that's the only reason (Score 1) 467

Expressing support and best wishes for the protestors gives them a boost in spirit that they need if they are to succeed.

I think its pretty insulting to the Iranian opposition, especially given the "spirit" they have demonstrated thus far, to suggest that their morale will crack if they aren't given an explicit and direct endorsement by a foreign leader, particularly the leader of a country that has pointed to their nation as an enemy for decades.

Not so. A lot of the Soviet dissident leaders took great pride in knowing that Reagan fully supported them. It gave them more hope and willingness to keep up the fight knowing that someone outside the USSR was supporting them. And we did look at the USSR as an enemy for decades (rightfully so).

Same thing with Poland the Solidarity movement. Soviets cracked down, Reagan full-heartedly supported Solidarity and the Polish people, telling the current leadership that to continue the crackdown would mean an end to "business as usual" with the US.

It's not that Obama is afraid to "take a hit" for supporting the Iranian opposition, I just don't believe that he wants them to succeed. I honestly don't believe that he believes in freedom and democracy enough to come out in support of the opposition. He wants business as usual with Iran and Ahmadinajand (sp?). A freedom and democracy uprising basically undermines his Cairo Speech To The Muslim World. I think he's too full of himself to support the opposition in Iran.

Comment Re:Too bad so sad (Score 1) 788

"Well thats what happens when you use unconstitutional and illegal methods to obtain those secrets."!

That was during the campaign! Now that the buck is (more or less) stopping with him, he needs to face the reality that those methods were not actually illegal and would disclose state secrets.

I still can't believe that any of you people here actually believed anything that this guy said during the campaign.

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