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Submission + - Google Tests Balloons to Bring Internet to Rural Areas

jones_supa writes: Google is running an experiment called Project Loon in New Zealand which involves launching balloons into near space to provide internet access to buildings below on the ground. The balloons will drift around the world on a controlled path and the attached equipment will offer 3G-like speeds to 50 testers in the country. Access will be intermittent, but in time the fleet can be expanded to offer reliable links to people living in remote areas. The balloons could one day be diverted to disaster-hit areas to aid rescue efforts in situations where ground communication equipment has been damaged. Each balloon is 15 m in diameter and filled with lifting gases. Equipment hangs underneath including radio antennae, a flight computer, an altitude control system and solar panels to power the gear. The ballons shall be flown in the stratosphere, 20 km or more above the ground (above controlled airspace). Each should stay aloft for about 100 days and provide connectivity to an area stretching 40 km in diameter below as they travel in a west-to-east direction.

Submission + - Chrome for iOS hits No.1 in Apple's App Store (

zacharye writes: Google’s Chrome browser quickly became one of the most popular desktop Web browsers in the world, and now Google has its sites set on mobile. The app just launched for the iPhone and iPad earlier today and after a few short hours of availability, it’s already the No.1 top free app in Apple’s iOS App Store...

Submission + - Free (Virtual) ... Uhhh ... Sex Acts (

jabberwock writes: Relax and enjoy, Slashdot. Yes, I know that porn is almost never news, hereabouts. But remember how we were all promised virtual sex, back in the '90s, along with jetpacks, flying cars and free fusion power?

It looks like another big leap forward. And I think we need geeks in Las Vegas next month to get out there and test, test, test.

I have no idea how I ought to to tag this story. But I *know* that "Steve Jobs" or "IPhone" would be so very wrong. Free Virtual You-Know-Whats


Submission + - Yahoo! eliminating 'Adult Profiles' on April 9 (

jabberwock writes: "Yahoo! announced today, in e-mail to members, that it is eliminating adult profiles.

This affects an astounding number of people, ranging from webcam girls (of course) and swingers and exhibitionists and porn-lovers ... all the way to those who have been told that they have to have an adult profile in order to belong to a Yahoo group for, say, cosmetic surgery (because of graphic images, etc.)

The Yahoo e-mail did not indicate what, if anything would happen to groups that required adult membership (indeed, in at least some cases I know of, Yahoo required that group members have adult profiles.)"

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