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Comment Re:Pick a distro (Score 1) 833

I've had occasional freezes while trying beta or unsupported software - with ubuntu, debian and fedora. However, I think the point is moot for anyone coming from windows!

Considering the tasks that netbooks are designed for - internet, email, some word processing and media playing - supported packages work just fine. Further, I think many users would be content to sacrifice the diversity of unsupported packages for the simplicity and stability of the default *buntu repos.

Comment Pick a distro (Score 2, Insightful) 833

...and make it ubuntu.

I've stopped recommending people try linux. Rather, I recommend ubuntu, 'a type of linux'. Trying to explain how each distro is built on the linux kernel and uses a specific desktop environment tends to send people running so instead, I rave about ubuntu - which they can then go and test right away from a live CD.

On netbooks, the problem of different distributions is amplified by all the custom distros. As much as this is open source in action, it splintered the 'linux' option, especially when XP always comes as the same recognisable package. Hardware manufacturers could have put the effort into ensuring upstream hardware support and supporting key software development (, ffox, rhythmbox? mplayer?) rather than developing their own "OS".

I think we would be seeing a different story if customers were offered ubuntu as the option to XP across the board.

Comment eeebuntu or debian eee + plug for (Score 1) 466

I currently have a 701 4G, a 901 20G and have a tracking number for the brand spanking 1000 HE.

Yep, I love dem ASUS!

The question was: which distro for an EeePC. I have tried ubuntu-eee (now easy peasy), xandros, debian eee, cruncheee and a plethora of small and variously customised distros. I guess I would recommend either eeebuntu or debian eee and leave the decision up to you. It boils down to your preference: ubuntu or debian, as I have found the eee forks of these distros to be roughly equivalent.

I have settled on dual booting the original ASUS xandros with eeebuntu (base). The quick off-to-google time is the only real reason I keep the xandros OS on, although I do like to keep the ASUS software up to date simply as a point of comparison. Eeebuntu worked OOTB for me. The base version is lean, and allows you to install the programs you need without fear of fluff. One thing for eeebuntu: for some reason, the downthemall! addon for firefox came installed as admin. This may be fixed now, but its a good thing to be aware of; if you run ffox for the first time as gksu (not sudo!) you can decline the license agreement and the addon is uninstalled.

I chose ubuntu 'cos I like brown, I've been using it for years, and the volume of forum help is pretty awesome if you run into trouble.

Dual booting is a good option in my books. Perhaps you could dual boot windows 7 with your chosen linux distro?

Finally, I just wanted to plug They sell ubuntu based machines, including the eee 1000, that have been thoroughly road tested and come with 2 years of support.

Its the kind of business that got my mum off micro$oft.

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