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Submission + - Modern Warfare 2 - Infinity Ward Hates You (arstechnica.com) 2

Zarrot writes: Modern Warfare 2 was one of the most anticipated titles of the year. I, personally, have been anticipating this game for almost a year months. No longer... It is a slap in the face to PC Gamers what Infinity Ward has done with this title. No dedicated servers, no server admin, cannot kick hackers, no mods, no maps, no community, no customization, no respect... The author is right if we as a gaming community if we do not stand against this sort of behavior, this is the future of PC Gaming. I'm boycotting until they listen to their community of players and address this madness. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Submission + - What are your experiences of Google Android?

dredwerker writes: I have watched a few videos on youtube such as this at Google I/O — The Android demo/presentation by Steve Horowitz

I have booted it up on my HTC Kaiser using the haret emulator thanks to the guys at Xda developers but it's really a preview of the menuing system — I haven't managed to make any calls or get any data as yet.

I was thinking of getting a Nokia N810 and running it on that but I can't seem to get to the bottom of what you get, if you run it on the N810.

So does anyone out there have the actual hardware? Are you running it day to day on an N810 etc.. or is it just a toy still?

For reference here is the wikipedia entry and the google android Website

Submission + - Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60b (cnet.com)

conan1989 writes: Study Finds ""Free Open Source Software Is Costing Vendors $60 Billion

Open Source software is raising havoc throughout the software market. It is the ultimate in disruptive technology, and while to it is only 6% of estimated trillion dollars IT budgeted annually, it represents a real loss of $60 billion in annual revenues to software companies," said Jim Johnson, Chairman, The Standish Group International, Boston, MA

If the $60 billion is true (and I would assume based on Standish's five years of research it is) then we have been dramatically underestimating the impact open source is having on the traditional vendors. We've known there is a effect, and now we finally have some numbers (and $60 billion is a whopper.)


Submission + - Stanford Net Neutrality Hearing Blown Off by ISPs (efluxmedia.com)

eldavojohn writes: "The FCC & Stanford hoped to host an on campus debate over net neutrality and invited AT&T and Comcast to take part. Neither were to be found. Unfortunately there was really only one side of the issue voiced despite Stanford being home to people opposing net neutrality. At it, FCC's Commissioner state: "Consumers have come to expect and will continue to demand the open and neutral character that has always been the hallmark of the Internet. The Commission is currently examining several petitions and complaints according to which broadband providers have intentionally and secretly degraded applications in a way that undermines the open and interconnected character of the Internet." Perhaps directly addressing Comcast's recent actions?"
Internet Explorer

Submission + - Time Warner now hijacking 404 results 3

Grendel_Prime writes: Road Runner subscribers rejoice! No longer will you have to wonder why you're getting a 404 error — Time Warner decided recently (in the last few weeks or so as far as I can tell) to redirect page 404 errors to their own search page to tell you they could not find the website you were "searching" for. Note that this "search result" page only comes up if you type the URL directly into the address bar and come up zero. This "search page" is powered by Yahoo! search. Here's what their page looks like:



Apparently this is a legit service they provide but never advertise. It's still hijacking, just done on their end. How does the /. community feel about this practice? Is this common practice with all ISP's now? If not, is it the wave of the future?

Submission + - FreeRunner price set. Will the OpenMoko rise? 1

rimugu writes: According to the Open Moko community updates the price for the FreeRunner has been set. It will be $399USD for one or $369USD each in a pack of 10.

More info:
  • The orange color is not going to be available.
  • Not base and advanced version, just one FreeRunner to rule them all.
  • The debug board is going to be sold separatedly at $99USD
  • No lunchbox
  • They are still working on making all accesories "non custom" products (They are still checking other options like "Nokia batteries as spares and generic USB chargers").
The Courts

Submission + - RIAA 'making available' theory rejected in Barker (blogspot.com)

NewYorkCountryLawyer writes: "In a 25-page decision (pdf) which has been awaited for two years in Elektra v. Barker, Judge Kenneth M. Karas has rejected the RIAA's "making available" theory and its "authorization" theory, but sustained the sufficiency of the complaint's allegations of "distribution" and "downloading", and also gave the RIAA 30 days to cure the defects in its complaint by filing a new complaint. The judge left it open for the RIAA to allege that defendant made an "offer to distribute", and that the offer was for "the purpose of further distribution", which, the judge held, would be actionable."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - EA launches hostile bid to acquire Take Two

An anonymous reader writes: Electronic Arts Inc (ERTS.O: Quote, Profile, Research) on Thursday launched a tender offer for rival video game maker Take-Two Interactive Software Inc (TTWO.O: Quote, Profile, Research) at $26 a share, indicating its $2 billion bid is turning hostile.
Take-Two, publisher of the popular "Grand Theft Auto" video games, last month rejected EA's unsolicited all-cash offer at the same price. The bid represents a 64 percent premium over Take-Two's closing stock price on February 15, the last trading day before EA sent the proposal to the company.
"We believe Take-Two investors will see our tender offer as the best way to maximize the value of their investment in Take-Two," EA Chief Executive John Riccitiello said in a statement.
Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick has said the bid was "the wrong price and the wrong time," arguing that EA was trying to buy his company on the cheap just before the April 29 launch of "Grand Theft Auto 4." "
Read the original Reuters article

Submission + - Cyber-attack launched from 10,000 web pages

Stony Stevenson writes: A security firm has identified over 10,000 web pages rigged by cyber-criminals to hijack the PCs of unsuspecting surfers. The web pages have been modified to silently redirect visitors to sites laden with malware that attempt to break into the user's PC. The malware cocktail attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in Windows, RealPlayer and other applications to break into the PC. A back door also allows the subsequent installation of additional malicious programs. A single entity is likely to be behind this attack, since the malicious code on all these pages came from the same server in China.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Shocking: Hacking Deflibulators for Personal Info

ryuket writes: In the model researchers studied, transmissions from the defibrillator to the bedside monitor are not encrypted, which means that someone intercepting the transmissions could retrieve such data as the patient's birth date, medical ID number and, in some cases, Social Security number. As the technology spreads to more medical devices, including pacemakers, spinal cord stimulators and hearing implants and as the range of the devices' radio signals increase the researchers predict patients' data will face increasing risks.

Submission + - Hackers find clever new way to hose Google users

lord.of.the.universe writes: "Hackers have found a new way to get Google to point to malicious websites with the help of unwitting websites such as TorrentReactor, ZDNet Asia and several other CNET-owned properties. As a result, more than 101,000 Google search results that appeared to lead to pages of legitimate sites actually directed end users to sites that attempted to install malware."

Submission + - Should P2P filesharers be paid for filesharing? (theregister.co.uk) 1

lord.of.the.universe writes: "Take that, pigopolists! A novel idea has been proposed to take the fight to the RIAA and the BPI. Since P2P filesharing has a discovery element which permits people to discover new music at no cost — why shouldn't filesharers be compensated for filesharing?
The idea was floated on the Open Rights Group discussion list earlier this month.
"Studies point to filesharing as a driver for *increased* music sales (among the heaviest downloaders). Possibly filesharers should start trying to recover promotional costs from the music industry?" asked anti-copyright campaigner Rob Myers."


Submission + - Taking Limbaugh's Voting Advice is a Crime in Ohio (wired.com)

I Don't Believe in Imaginary Property writes: "Wired has discovered that taking Rush Limbaugh's advice on strategic voting is criminal in Ohio. Limbaugh urged Republicans to register as Democrats and vote for Hillary Clinton, because he believes that she's the easier candidate to beat and even if that's wrong, it gives Democrats less time and money to prepare for the general election. However, if Republicans register as Democrats when they don't really believe it, that's a violation of the 'election falsification clause' in Revised Code 3513.20, which can result in as much as a year in jail. Even though some 16,000 Republicans registered as Democrats in Ohio, it may be hard to sort out the disaffected from the dishonest and it only applies to those who were challenged by poll workers and signed affidavits, so don't expect much enforcement. That said, they do quote one Republican who posted about his out-of-party experience saying, 'Lastly, they had me sign the affirmation about switching parties and supporting the principles of the Democrat party. I said that would be easy, because they don't have any. Everybody got a good chuckle as there isn't a Democrat within 5 miles any direction from where I vote. I then proceeded to cast my vote for Hillary Clinton. Dirty as it felt at the time, I have a feeling I'll be rewarded in the long run.' Of course, they could always use proper election methods to stop strategic voting, though there are always certain difficulties."

Submission + - No Macros in Office 2008

smoothdave writes: For many years I've used Visual Basic for Applications to create macros in Windows versions of Excel. Most of the macros are no more than 10-20 lines, but a few are hundreds of lines of code. A few months ago I made the switch from Windows to OSX, which I assumed would be relatively pain free since Office 2004 supported VBA and Office 2008 for the Mac would be out soon. Much to my surprise, I discovered that Office 2008 doesn't include support for VBA. So, now what? Should I stick with Office 2004? Run Parallels, Windows and Office 2007? Switch to Open Office and rewrite the macros in Open Office Basic? Perhaps Open Office and Python? Could Apple Script do the job with Numbers or Excel 2008? Thank you.

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