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Comment Re:Nothing wrong with ego ;) (Score 1) 736

That should be "coordinate system". But don't worry about changing it. I just heard on the news that Global Warming just killed the last polar bear. May they rest in peace. Only a new set of covariant general field equations can save the cartesian bears now. We need to get Einstein's brain out of the bottle it is in and turn it back on somehow to do this for them. Danny Deger P.S. Just kidding. The bears are actually OK. Global Warming is just a scam to steal lots and lots of grant money to save us from killing ourselves with our own lust for power and money.

Comment Re:Is it live, or is it Memorex (Score 1) 321

Wait.. eight hours a day? Add in eight hours to sleep and eight hours to work, where are these average people fitting in time to eat and poop (hopefully not combining the two)?

When I have to poop, I usually take one of my computers with me so I don't have to stop whatever I'm doing. Sometimes I'll stay there even after I'm done so that I won't have to get up again for the next excretion of bodily waste. I also like to watch shows when I'm eating. Is there something wrong with eating lunch while watching a TV show on your laptop and pooping?

Comment Yes Indeed, But Rocket Propulsion Sucks (Score 2, Funny) 251

Great news indeed. Still, it's depressing to think that we're still using an ancient, dangerous, primitive and very expensive space transportation technology: rocket propulsion. One thing is sure; we'll never colonize the solar system with rockets at the rate we're going.

But rejoice. Soon, a new form of transportation will arrive, one based on the realization that we are immersed in an immense ocean of energetic particles. This is a consequence of a reevaluation of our understanding of the causality of motion. Soon, we'll have vehicles that can move at tremendous speeds and negotiate right angle turns without slowing down and without incurring damages due to inertial effects. Floating cities, unlimited clean energy, earth to mars in hours, New York to Beijing in minutes... That's the future of energy and travel. Check it out.

The Problem With Motion

Comment Re: A shame and ironic (Score 1) 182

Untill the creation evolution arguement gets imperical evidence to give absolute evidence proving one side or the other is correct; All the money spent on scientific research; could be 100% waste.

Untill science can prove "Gravity" is not the hand of "God", and explaine it, so a grade school child can comprehend it. All spaceflight funding should be discontinued.

Ameria nolonger has the $$$, to continue the gamble, especially with tax payer $s.

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