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Comment GMO scientists, who do you think you are? (Score 1, Insightful) 1229

Don't treat it as a religion, especially when dealing with stuff that can contaminate things unrelated to your "scientific experiment". Or with "safely modified, strengthened, disease resistant food".

I don't want your GMO "food" to mix with my food. I don't want my food to even have a chance to be contaminated with your food, even if you think it isn't dangerous.

You're free to do things as long as you don't infringe on my freedom. And at this time in my life, I want freedom to eat non-GMO food.

Comment Re:It is fine until third parties are required (Score 1) 517

Whats so different from an App Store than downloading from a corporate website

Centralized autoupdate for all apps bought off the store. A bit of quality checking.

(like you do with Windows Service Packs which is what Lion feels to me - just like Snow Leopard was before it... etc)

Service packs, yep. Small incremental improvements. However, Lion will for me be a step back, UI-wise, as no service pack could be. What they're doing with buttons, with tabs, with scrollbars makes me think that Snow Leopard will be the pinnacle of the UI design. Maybe in a year or two I'll disagree with myself and I'll like it. Let's wait and see. There are only a few announced Lion things that I want in Snow Leopard, such as improved Expose.

Comment Re:Engine market gone? (Score 1) 121

What game do you find compelling that uses 3D on mobile, and that its design depends on 3D and could not be done with 2D?

Have you actually seen the latest games for the latest smartphones/tablets?

Yes, but I have not seen any 3D game that makes me want to really play it. I find the 3D aspect interesting professionally, and from a technological perspective, but I don't find it adding entertainment value.

Yes I'm a 2D fan myself, I really like 2D platform games and adventure games and don't think 3D adds anything to it, but when I have to create a new game the customers expect 3D these days,

I disagree that customers demand 3D on mobile. In fact, I disagree that they demand it on desktop, for many game concepts. Despite what my personal tastes say about it, tons of people play stuff from casual vendors such as Big Fish Games especially from the "Hidden Object" category.

Does 3D add significant value and (more importantly) improved visuals to puzzle games, to hidden objects? Do you think people wouldn't play Torchlight if it were 2D? 3D games we already very strong back in 2000, yet Diablo II was mostly 2D.

I don't think people's tastes are all that radically different today. Games can be improved by 3D, but it might be unimportant, and it may significantly hinder the visuals of the games if they have the same budget. A game with 2D sprites, background et al can take advantage of excellent renderers in 3D modeling packages and only then be touched up in Photoshop to improve the look. A game with 3D environment has to have great texture artists, great modelers, great shader writers and display the entire good looking 3D environment quickly on even poor machines.

It all depends on what your market is.

so it's very nice if you have an engine that works on all platforms and you don't have to change your workflow constantly.

I agree with this one completely!

It does depend, however, on how complex is it to implement your ideas with an off-the-shelf game engine, and sometimes it may even be so with an off-the-shelf renderer. Just sayin'. :-)

Comment Re:Engine market gone? (Score 1) 121

Interesting! Thanks for the info! I'm pretty sure if one sat for a while and thought about it, one could come up with a way to easily implement wrinkle maps with Ogre. On the other hand, there may be many such tricks in CryEngine.

In the end, it all comes down to this: how much of those tricks does one need for most games?

Comment Re:Engine market gone? (Score 1) 121

What a silly comment. You don't need any of that to use CryEngine. Sure you might not be making the most out of it but who cares really?

If you're not using 90% of the features of the engine, why use it at all? I'd prefer using something that's easier to understand.

That's right!

You can still get a lot of handy features out of it.

Yes, your development will still suffer, because the engine is so complicated as soon as you step one millimeter out of the Sandbox editor (I know what I'm talking about, I've been using CryEngine3 for a while now).

Nice to hear from someone that actually used the engine to confirm my suspicions :-)

Comment Re:Engine market gone? (Score 2) 121

I'm sorry but Ogre3D or any opensource engine doesn't come even CLOSE to UnrealEngine3 or Cryengine

Crappy stuff can be made with any of those. So can good stuff. I'm talking about erosion of market because major stuff is available in all engines for free. Open source engines are mostly missing fancy editors, since they work primarily with rendering.

Since you are obviously knowledgeable with all three systems, when you work with them, what major thing is missing from Ogre3D? What major thing do you think Unreal Engine 3 and CryEngine include that cannot easily be done with Ogre3D? Feel free to be subjective, if you need to be.

Can you also say a few words on flexibility of UE3 and CE when developing a new idea?

But it also all depends on the license the freeversion of CryEngine will ship with, if it's just as interesting as the UDK it might be VERY interesting, only CryEngine doesn't run on Mobiles, whereas UDK does...

For most stuff on mobile, you don't need a 3D engine. In fact, 3D games I have played on mobile are all far less compelling than 2D, but fancy, stuff I have seen. What game do you find compelling that uses 3D on mobile, and that its design depends on 3D and could not be done with 2D?

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