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Submission + - What An IT Career Will Look Like 5 Years Out

snydeq writes: InfoWorld's Paul Heltzel reports on the impact that IT's increasing reliance on the cloud for IT infrastructure will have on your career in the years ahead. 'In today's quickly evolving tech world, it's easy to get lost chasing the turbulent present moment. The pace of change can be dizzying, and keeping up on everything that's emerging in IT today can drive even the most devoted tech worker to distraction. But IT pros who don't take the time to lift their heads and assess the likely IT landscape five years out may be asking for career trouble. Because one fact is clear: Organizations of all stripes are increasingly moving IT infrastructure to the cloud. In fact, most IT pros who've pulled all-nighters, swapping in hard drives or upgrading systems while co-workers slept, probably won't recognize their offices' IT architecture — or the lack thereof — in five years.'

Submission + - Intel's Software Chief Out; Botched McAfee Deal To Blame? (

jfruh writes: Renee James, Intel's president and head of the company's software group has departed, supposedly to "pursue other opportunities." But a high-profile heir apparent doesn't just leave voluntarily, and it seems likely that she is in part taking the fall for Intel's acquisition of McAfee, the promised synergies of which have failed to materialize. Then again, Intel is a traditionally very stable company, but there's been a lot of churn in the uper ranks lately: is something wrong?

Submission + - MacKeeper May Have To Pay Millions In Class-Action Suit (

jfruh writes: If you use a Mac, you probably recognize MacKeeper from the omnipresent popup ads designed to look vaguely like system warnings urging you to download the product and use it to keep your computer safe. Now the Ukranian company behind the software and the ads may have to pay millions in a class action suit that accuses them of exaggerating security problems in order to convince customers to download the software.

Submission + - The Internet Of Things Will Swamp The Cloud's Capabilities (

jfruh writes: With "the cloud" being one of the most relentlessly promoted buzzwords of the last five years, you'd be forgiven for thinking it's the solution to every problem imaginable. If you're deploying any kind of Internet of Things app or devices, the amount of data you'll be getting will quickly swamp what the public cloud is capable of — and you'll need access to a dedicated colo facility in short order.

Submission + - Hyundai To Release 'Semi-Autonomous' Car This Year (

jfruh writes: While self-driving cars from Google and others remain in the prototype stage, Korean carmaker Hyundai intends to release a premium sedan called the Equus this year that includes self-driving features. While a car's ability to navigate complex urban enviornments on its own is still a ways off, the Equus will allow the driver to take their hands off the wheel and feet off the brakes during highway driving.

Submission + - Rumor: Samsung Wants To Buy AMD (

jfruh writes: Rumors are flying around the Asian press that Samsung wants to buy AMD. The deal would make a certain amount of sense from Samsung's viewpoint, giving it crucial inroads into CPU and GPU markets and a line of attack against Qualcomm. But it would also wreak havoc with the delicate network of deals and agreements within the chipmaking industry, especially when it comes to rights to x86 intellectual property.

Submission + - Taxi Companies Sue Uber For False Advertising On Safety (

jfruh writes: A group of California taxi operators are suing Uber, claiming the ridehailing service is guilty of false advertising when it comes to rider safety. The taxi companies claim that Uber doesn't use a Live Scan fingerprint ID for drivers like they do, and that the $1 "safe rides" fee on every fare doesn't specifically go towards boosing safety.

Submission + - Apple's High-End Watch Targets China's Wealthy (

jfruh writes: Apple's known for its pricy gadgets, but the cost of its highest-end watch is $17,000, enough to make tech observers gasp. One particular planned target? China's wealthy, for whom it will serve as a flashy status symbol. The iPhone sells quite well in China despite its high price there, so hopes are high for high-end buyers.

Submission + - $415M Silicon Valley Salary-Fixing Conspiracy Settlement Heads For Approval (

jfruh writes: A lawsuit last year argued that the biggest players in Silicon Valley, including Google, Apple, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, Lucasfilm, and Pixar had engaged in a conspiracy to fix and suppress employee salaries; an initial settlement in the suit at over $300 million was deemed by a judge to be too low. Now a $415 million settlement is headed for approval.

Submission + - Mississipppi Attorney General Conspires With MPAA To Revive SOPA (

jfruh writes: Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood filed a subpoena last October seeking information about Google’s search and advertising practices in areas related to banned substances, human trafficking and copyrighted material. But a Federal judge has now quashed that investigation — and information from last fall's Sony leak made seemed to indicate that Hood had agreed to work with the MPAA to launch it in the first place, as part of a move to revive the reviled SOPA legislation through other means.

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