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The Internet

Submission + - ICANN's Trademark Clearinghouse Launching Tuesday (

itwbennett writes: "If you want to protect your brand before ICANN roles out the new gTLDs (generic top-level domains), here's your chance. The clearinghouse will allow trademark owners to register their marks for an annual fee of between $95 and $150. The clearinghouse 'doesn't necessarily prevent trademark infringement or cybersquatting, but it does help trademark owners and brand owners somewhat in mitigating the damage that might occur,' said Keith Kupferschmid, general counsel and vice president of IP policy and enforcement for the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). 'We've been telling brand owners it's not that expensive to protect themselves and they ought to do it.'"

Submission + - Researcher Hijacks Embedded Devices for Internet Scanning (

itwbennett writes: "Highlighting the potential for abuse of poorly configured embedded systems, an anonymous researcher created a massive botnet by hijacking about 420,000 Internet-accessible embedded devices with default or no login passwords and used it to map the entire Internet. On a website dedicated to the project, the researcher called it 'the largest and most comprehensive IPv4 [Internet Protocol version 4] census ever.'"

Submission + - Users Flock To Firewall-Busting Thesis Project (

itwbennett writes: "Daiyuu Nobori, a Ph.D. student at Japan's Tsukuba University designed 'VPN Gate' to help individuals in countries that restrict Internet use circumvent government firewalls. The service, which has drawn 77,000 users since its launch last Friday, encourages members of the public to set up VPN servers and offer free connections to individual users, aiming to make the technology more accessible. Nobori had originally planned to host the service on his university's servers, but they have been down recently so he switched it to the Windows Azure cloud platform. He has spent about US$9,000 keeping it up so far."

Submission + - Kansas City Homes Start Connecting to Google Fiber ( 1

itwbennett writes: "Back in September, Google was all braggy about how 90% of eligible homes in Kansas City had signed up for the company's 1Gbps Internet service. This week, it started actually connecting homes. 'If you live in Hanover Heights and see a new box on the side of your house (and have gotten a Google Fiber sticky note on your door), look for an email or phone call from us in the next few days to schedule an appointment,' wrote Google Fiber's Alana Karen, in a blog post Tuesday."
The Internet

Submission + - ICANN To Replace 'Digital Archery' Program With Raffle (

itwbennett writes: "As Slashdot readers will recall, ICANN has been struggling to find a way to decide which applications to evaluate first. At the end of June, ICANN announced it had abandoned plans to use the Digital Archery contest. Then at the end of July, ICANN said it would process all applications simultaneously. Now there's a new plan in the works: an old-fashioned, manual raffle with tickets costing $100. There's just one catch, though, California law prohibits unlicensed lotteries."
The Internet

Submission + - ICANN Cancels 'Digital Archery' Program (

itwbennett writes: "ICANN announced today that it has canceled the Digital Archery contest that it had planned to use to decide which gTLD applications would be evaluated first and gave no indication of what it will do instead. In making the announcement, Cherine Chalaby, chair of the gTLD Program Committee, said, 'We will not make a decision in Prague but will take all of the ideas into account and build a roadmap,' adding that the roadmap will detail the next steps and timelines as well as assess implications to applicants and the risk to the program."
The Internet

Submission + - NLRB: It's OK To Kibitz With Coworkers On Social Media (

itwbennett writes: "Your employer won't like it, but they can't stop you from discussing working conditions and compensation with your coworkers on social media. In his most recent social media memo, National Labor Relations Board General Counsel Lafe Solomon said that in 6 of the 7 employers' social media policies he reviewed, he found violations of Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act, which allows employees to join labor unions and to discuss working conditions with each other."
The Internet

Submission + - Startup Applies for 307 gTLDs (

itwbennett writes: "Startup Donuts has set its sites on being a domain-name registry. With $100 million in venture capital in its pocket, Donuts has applied for 307 of the most generic of generic top-level domains. The new domains will be targeted toward specific services, said Jon Nevett, a cofounder and vice president of corporate affairs at Donuts. For example, the .tickets domain would be where Web users could expect to go to buy event tickets. 'There will be more names geared toward what consumers are looking for,' Nevett said."

Submission + - Engineers Ponder Easier Fix To Internet Problem (

itwbennett writes: "The problem: Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) enables routers to communicate about the best path to other networks, but routers don't verify that the route 'announcements.' When routing problems erupt, 'it's very difficult to tell if this is fat fingering on a router or malicious,' said Joe Gersch, chief operating officer for Secure64, a company that makes Domain Name System (DNS) server software. In a well-known incident, Pakistan Telecom made an error with BGP after Pakistan's government ordered in 2008 that ISPs block YouTube, which ended up knocking Google's service offline. A solution exists, but it's complex, and deployment has been slow. Now experts have found an easier way."
The Internet

Submission + - System for Applications for New gTLDs Still Down (

itwbennett writes: "After almost a week the ICANN system for applications for new generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is still down, and it is unclear when it will reopen, although ICANN said it would provide an update by Friday, according to an IDG News Service report. The system was taken offline after a software glitch was found that 'resulted in some users being able to see some other users' file names and user names.'"
The Internet

Submission + - Texting Can Heal Broken Hearts, Raspy Lungs (

itwbennett writes: "Texting (and other forms of Internet communication — email, skype, chat, IM, etc) are often dismissed by communications, etiquette and process-improvement gurus for being too short, too impersonal and too random to be effective as a way to communicate important ideas or maintain close professional relationships. HAH, sez the medical literature. One study (PDF) showed daily updates and reminders via txt improves the mood of patients suffering clinical depression AND that a daily text (even an automated one) made them feel well cared for. It also helped asthma patients stick to their medication and treatment routine, understand their long-term outlook more clearly and improve their confidence in their treatment."

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