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Comment Sperm and Egg Banks? Billions of people available! (Score -1) 392

Use sperm and egg banks to, ahem, freeze dry people for the journey. When you arrive you can have the genetic material from billions of humans to mix and match GATICA style. Heck you may just need a skeleton crew and have robotic wombs and incubators to conceive and grow whole new generations of people timed perfectly for arrival. Plus androids to educate them. Could send many more ships to many more star systems this way. Smaller ships means faster and thus closer to speed of light and thus potentially further distances can be covered to spread us out amongst the local star group.

Comment Three Article links are all the same? (Score 1) 173

At the time I posted this comment the three links in the article all go to one page, Oops. Could /. or the author correct the links assuming two are missing or remove two of them, we really don't need three links all going to the same page. Thanks a bunch.

Comment So what happens to the hydrogen? That's usable... (Score 3, Insightful) 375

Too good to be true.

So if it actually separates the oxygen what about the hydrogen? That's fuel.

If this is real it's more than just a breathing device, it's a low cost way to separate water into 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 Oxygen atom. That is a much more significant breakthrough... then again that's a big IF.

Evidence please.

Comment Saw Apple ][ DOS 3.3 6502 Source during Terminator (Score -1) 211

During the first showing of The Terminator they already showed the source code, or disassembled and re-commented source code for Apple ][ DOS 3.3! While nice this is a wee bit late.

As a hardcore 6502 programmer who wrote successful apple ][ assembly language video games in that era it was quite funny seeing Apple Dos 3.3 Listings, likely from the amazing book Beneath Apple Dos, on the big screen.

Comment Dull weirdo coder says Telegraph Contributor Sucks (Score -1) 453

Yes this Dull weirdo coder says Telegraph Contributor Sucks Balls and not well at all.

Part of the problem with Telegraph Contributor is that he actually thinks that he knows what he's talking about. At least us Dull Weirdo Coders connect with objective reality in our computer programs, if they don't work we know we got it wrong. When would a Telegraph Contributor know he got it wrong? Never.

Comment Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts. (Score -1) 281

“When someone says, ‘Science teaches such and such,’ he is using the word incorrectly. Science doesn’t teach anything; experience teaches it. If they say to you, ‘Science has shown such and such,’ you should ask, ‘How does science show it? How did the scientists find out? How? What? Where?’ It should not be ‘science has shown.’ And you have as much right as anyone else, upon hearing about the experiments (but be patient and listen to all the evidence) to judge whether a sensible conclusion has been arrived at.” ~ Richard Feynman

"We have many studies in teaching, for example, in which people make observations, make lists, do statistics, and so on, but these do not thereby become established science, established knowledge. They are merely an imitative form of science-analogous to the South Sea island airfields, radio towers, etc., made out of wood. The islanders expect a great airplane to arrive. They even build wooden airplanes of the same shape as they see in foreigners' airfields around them, but strangely enough, their wood planes do not fly. The results of this pseudoscientific imitation is to produce experts, which many of you are. You teachers who are really teaching children at the bottom of the heap can maybe doubt the experts once in a while. Learn from science that you must doubt the experts. As a matter of fact, I can also define science another way: Science is the belief in the ignorance of experts." ~ Richard Feynman (The Physics Teacher, 7 September, 1969, 313-320)

Comment Re:Your science can't handle comments? Back to wor (Score -1) 281

It can take years to do research on HIV and how it leads to AIDS, and it can take some maniac or holistic medicine astroturfer roughly twenty seconds to post an absurd and false claim against your research.

Indeed science can take a very long time and cost a lot of money. It can also have flaws if not done well.

Attempting to control what people say is known as censorship. Good to know that's where you fall seemingly advocating censorship.

If your science is sound then who cares what people on the intertubes say about it? Seriously.

If your science is weak then it needs to be improved.

If your science is bogus then it needs to be falsified.

Regardless science is an adversarial system and if you can't handle the heat of comments, valid and invalid, then you're going to have to dig deep and attempt to communicate or demonstrate your science in a clear way. Or simply ignore or rebut the comments.

Censorship isn't the answer as that leads to dark places that science has striven to get out of.

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