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Comment Good luck with that, I just won't upgrade anymore (Score 1) 322

Sadly for production boxes this was the decision the moment we realized they stopped support for NPAPI plugins. And more people on slashdot did the same...

This isn't the way to go but really we've had enough aggravation with old certificates, unsupported encryption algorithms and so on. Just give me the yes, I really want to run this and leave me alone. Noooo, users are too stupid to be trusted, they'll click anything. I'm on 192.168. or 10. for f*k sake!

Well users are too stupid to upgrade to the latest POS that doesn't let them do their work.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 1) 147

on the one hand I WANT the notifications of any activity on those accounts immediately notified to me, but the risk of someone getting into my phone (e.g. by observing me enter my PIN, and the stealing it) and being able to take control of those accounts via the linked email and 2FA which is tied to that number... is too great.

It'd be nice though if various cloud service providers would let you register a separate notification email in addition to the admin email. So that I could receive notifications like 'a user has logged in from a new computer to your account..." on my phone without that being the email address being the one that can also be used to retrieve/reset login and password credentials.

I'm sure for each provider there's a trivial pattern you can use and have only the "user has logged in from a new computer to your account..." notifications forwarded to your phone. Don't tell me your "secure email" where you receive the "2FA" mail allows forwarding but without even basic filters.

Comment Microsoft calls now "Windows 10" the phone version (Score 2) 107

... too.

If you don't believe me just visit for example:

So we really have now for a while many Snapdragon products running Windows 10. Is just not the Windows 10 that's hard to run...

I don't know what the marketing apes were thinking.

Comment Re:Same thing being done at other libraries. (Score 1) 258

You can't just scan books and then distribute them electronically even if you try to make it with DRM and to keep "only one copy out". That is without explicit permission from the copyright owner for each [version, translation of each] book. I mean you can but in any place in the "civilized" country you'll get sued into bankruptcy (with or without the nice boys with guns and handcuffs breaking your door at 3AM first).

Comment Re:Why purge? (Score 1) 258

1. Why would you limit your library to precisely one and the same room if you obviously have the funds to operate it and buy "put more and more and more books" ? Please distinguish between "we need a bigger library" and "we need an infinite library"! There aren't infinitely many books in the world!

2. "Eventually" is very different from "each time you buy a new book". "Eventually" we might have the books printed on demand (if anybody wants to have a dead-tree version) so it won't make sense to keep piles of them in libraries, except as museum pieces.

Comment Re:you no longer own your devices (Score 1) 193

I don't know why you and your brother post focus so much on phones bought on contract! If you did so then the provider is the seller and the entity with which you have a sale contract and a telecommunications contract or 2-in-one or whatever labels or combinations they come up with. They should be the ones on the hook for making you whole, as opposed to some company from another continent with which you never had a contract to start with.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 239

You are right, but the point still stands: once you step over a zone border (which is what I mentioned from the original post) the ticket is 5+ euro (well, if it doesn't qualify for Kurzstrecke, 1-2 stops which is for U-Bahn for example). YES, you can go a long way with 2.70 (2.80 from Sunday) for a single-zone ticket but once you're outside "the white zone" every time you step on the U-Bahn feels like you've been fined. Again, assuming you have already a car and you need to decide for a one-off trip: do I take the car or public transport.

We aren't talking about suburbs that are tens of km away from city limits, we aren't talking about gated communities for billionaires, we aren't talking about some small village in the woods that's hard to service by public transport.

Comment Re:But... (Score 1) 239

Well, I don't know where you live, but I have a lot of experience in Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Munich - not exactly known as cheap cities -, and spending 5 EUR on any one-way travel in the extended inner city is nearly impossible.

Maybe your experience is outdated. Specifically if you just cross a "circle" for Munich the one-way ticket is 5.40 ... wait just for the next 2 days because then it goes up to 5.60, they were probably thinking it's too cheap...

Note that what they call "Inner District/Munich" is 4 circles and if you go again to the same circle you have to count it again. Like you go 2-1-2 it is 3 circles = 8.40 EUR.

I'm glad if your car does not depreciate, needs neither oil changes nor other service, is untaxed, and the insurance is free.

We're talking about people who already own cars (and how to make them use public transport instead). Extra expenses from driving 5-10km (total) are absolutely marginal while 20+ euros (for example for going 3 U-Bahn stops and back for 2 adults) aren't.

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