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Submission + - RedHat celebrates AMQP/1.0 release with new patent ( 6

pieterh writes: "One day before the "Advanced Message Queuing Protocol" AMQP/1.0 becomes an OASIS standard, Red Hat secures
patent number 8,301,595, for accessing an LDAP server over AMQP. In January 2008 I provided to the AMQP Working Group, including Red Hat, the Digest-AMQP spec, "a way to integrate WWW servers and LDAP servers over an AMQP network." Here's the GitHub repository. Red Hat's patent 8,301,595 was filed two and a half years later, on June 14, 2010. In 2009 I wrote about another Red Hat patent on AMQP. That time, Red Hat said required patents would be made available royalty-free, but then as now, the patent was not on the standard but of a common use around it."


Submission + - 0MQ for Java does 1.4M msg/s, 35usec latency (

pieterh writes: "The team making the GPL-licensed ØMQ message transfer system have released a Java API which lets applications exchange up to 1.4M messages per second across 1Gb Ethernet. By comparison, conventional messaging does 2,500 to 4,000 (larger) messages per second. This is the same software which hit 9.5M messages/second on 16-core boxes. ØMQ is a new breed of open source messaging middleware that aims to be the "Fastest. Messaging. Ever." It sits in a space dominated by big players like IBM and TIBCO. Can an open source team beat the largest firms and make a faster, better product?"

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