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Comment Re:It's tiny compared to airships of the past (Score 1) 190

My Dad grew up in New Jersey. He said when the Hindenberg flew by, the teacher let them look out the window. Even though it was miles away they could clearly see it I guess. The Washington Monument is a mere 555 feet tall. The Empire State Building is 1250, not including the spire. So try to imagine more than the WM, and more than half the ES floating by low on the horizon, perhaps with the swastika visible. The implications weren't fully understood yet--a few years later my Dad and all his brothers were off to war.

Comment Re:Facebook is still a thing? (Score 1) 426

It's kinda scary to see kids around the age of 16 live a double life.

Ummm... isn't that kind of normal for 16-year olds? I'd say it's pretty much normal once you start having any kind of interest in sex anyway. Note for some value of "double life". Keeping FB around as a shell and using some other service with your friends is more like passing notes to your friends or talking to them on the phone and making sure your parents aren't on the extension. That's what happened before the Internet. This is just the modern version of that. A true "double life" IMHO, would be something like claiming you joined the night lacrosse team when you were really lying about your age and stripping.

Comment Re:Very Basic Income (Score 1) 618

Any form of basic income is going to have monetary consequences throughout the larger economy and will tend to be inflationary. I think limiting programs to the supply of a core basket of goods is better: food, shelter, healthcare, education, utilities, etc. These items already have programs in place to some degree. We could streamline them with a universal benefit card and we could even eliminate the means testing which would make it like a BI; but it wouldn't cause inflation across the entire economy.

Before you progressives knee jerk at this, consider that hyperinflation is actually regressive. The rich always find a way out. Regular folks are stuck holding the bag. You really need to think before you structure in anything that might be inflationary. BI is appealing now because the developed world is actually stuck in a liquidity trap, with low inflation and central banks unable to stimulate economies. BI would initially put money in the hands of those most likely to consume, but it could perversely end up taking it away after a few years.

Comment Arkansas Hillbillies (Score 1) 706

Come listen to a story 'bout a man named Bill.
A poor mountaineer who really liked to kill.
Then one day when he was shootin' at some dude
Up from the ground came a bubblin' crude.
A goil, that is. Black souled. Texas Teeth.
Well the first thing you know old Bill's a millionaire
Kin folk said, "Bill, move away from there".
They said Washington is the place you ought to be
So he packed up his things, along with Hillary
Drowning pools, gloomy bars... banjo solo...

Comment Re:This is what ruins emoji (Score 1) 331

So emoji, which arguably ought to be pixel-perfect, are being subject to local interpretation. HTML, which was originally conceived of as being subject to local interpretation, was pressed into pixel perfection by the web design community.

The solution? Web over emoji, and emoji over HTML. Get cracking, coders.

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