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Submission + - iOS apps made to run on the BlackBerry PlayBook (

zer0point writes: Businesscat2000, over on the CrackBerry Forums, has posted multiple videos of a rather incredible feat he has achieved: porting iOS apps to run on the PlayBook OS. His initial claim has been met with a wave of dubiety and skepticism, as it should be given the general difficulty of porting anything iOS-related, but he has silenced the doubters by porting over an iPhone-only app sent to him directly by CrackBerry's Kevin Michaluk, getting it up and running on the PlayBook within an hour. We've also seen the iOS versions of Tiny Tower, TomTom's navigation app, and a number of others demonstrated.

Submission + - The Curious Case of Increasing Misspelling Rates o (

An anonymous reader writes: The crowd sourcing nature of Wikipedia might imply that its content should be more "correct" than other sources. As the saying goes, the more eyes the better. One particular student who was curious about this conducted rudimentary text mining on a sampling of the Wikipedia corpus to discover how misspelling rates on Wikipedia change through time. The results appear to indicate an increasing rate of misspellings through time. The author proposes that this consistent increase is the result of Wikipedia contributors using more complex language which the test is unable to cope with. How do the results of this test compare to your own observations on the detail accuracy of massively crowd sourced applications?

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