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Comment Nasties (Score 1) 932

The cunt must be referring to the "nasty consequences" that Iceland has experienced. These consequences aren't 'nasty' for the people, but for the bankers. So she is quite correct that 'nasty consequences' will follow an American default. It's time to see the huffing, puffing, threat-dealing strawbitch for who she is and who she represents - the tiny fraction of 1% that thinks that they can just keep stealing from the workers.

Comment International Monetary Drain (Score 0) 208

It's about time the International Monetary Drain was hit. Time to take those vampire fuckers out - permanently. They leech the money out of countries and impose vicious SAPs on them. This toxic behaviour will soon end and so will that criminal institution which does nothing more than create debt slavery in order to redistribute wealth from the working and poor to the unworking rich.

Comment Nuclear Welfare (Score 0) 580

It's time to get the nuclear industry off taxpayer-funded welfare. No more loan guarantees and liability limitations for that vicious, corrupt and polluting industry. If they can't afford to pay their own insurance in the much-loved free market, then they can bloody well fail.

And since no insurer will write a policy for a nuclear plant in the USA without both loan guarantees and liability limitations - the funding for said having been filched from the pockets of taxpayers by your ever-loving government - there will be no more nuclear plants in the USA.

Turns out Japan's nuclear industry is on taxpayer welfare too. A taxpayer-funded liability limitation of $1.2 billion, in particular.

The people in Japan pay thrice: once for the industry's too-hazardous-to-insure nature, next for the actual power, and third when a reactor blows - the last with their lives.

The USA's taxpayer pays four times: an additional theft of money for loan guarantees, which it seems the Japanese taxpayer doesn't have to fork over for.

Comment Nuclear Boondoggle (Score 0) 415

It is time to halt these boondoggles before they suck up more precious taxpayer dollars which are so desperately needed to help the ever-growing underclass of people living in poverty. The taxpayer is being told to starve so these trojan programs can continue to leech away their livelihoods. Witness today's 'Austerity' programs beginning to spread through Europe and soon everywhere... there will be no money for your children or retirement as the elites are spending every Country into bankrupcy with their Wars and so-called Defense Spending and spending on toxic Fission and blackhole Fusion 'technologies'. From its inception to today, fusion has been a gigantic blackhole welfare program for the rich corporations and their scientistic employees with the starving taxpayer footing the bill. No more. Its time to end all public funding for these so-called 'energy' programs. If there's money in it let the so-called 'Free Market' fund it. After all, those richie private investors already have trillions floating around that they don't know what to do with, why don't they risk their own assets and asses instead of making the taxpayer the victim? Hypocrisy, hypocrisy, hypocrisy.

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