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Submission + - Cuba strikes back at Free Software 3

An anonymous reader writes: A week ago, the largest Cuban support group vanished from the net. Though the site had been "closed for maintenance" for several months, there was a very active mailing list hosted on that server. The mailing list, named "Linux-l", was the living history of the Free Software Movement in Cuba, and its archives were the best on-line resource that most Cubans could access. Recently, and for fear of government intervention, an spin-off list was created, were the hottest topics were addressed (like the necessity and feasibility of national connectivity for the development of free software), out of the reach of the Government, but also out of reach for the majority of the subscribers. Apparently, it may have not been enough. The blackout, blamed at first to the bureaucracy, is taking too long to be solved, and government officials (or list administrators) haven't yet made any statement. A more likely explanation seems to be that the government may have realized that the Free Software movement will not get along with the censorship they desire.

A call to the Cuban subscribers that may read this: publish your Linux-l mailbox somewhere, so at least part of the history is preserved. To the list administrators, try to find backups and start anew. To the government: we've been working for you, for free and unconditionally, since before you decided to recognize us. Correct this situation so we can keep working for you. Ignore it, and you will be alienating the biggest on-line forum of supporters you ever had. And for the rest of you, there may be something of interest still left at the Internet Archive.

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