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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - SPAM: Inside the Ultimate Mac Enthusiasts Home

theappwhisperer writes: As a serious Apple Mac and Lamborghini fan, of course, the two go together well – the very wealthy IT entreperneur and owner of this luxurious villa in Vienna, Austria commissioned Najjar & Najjor to design its interiour.

Complete with a huge open space that connects the working space with the lounge, bar and kitchen it definitely oozes quality and style. Almost everything inside the Villa F is digitally controlled. There are Plasma TVs, a huge aquarium with computer generated graphics, LED lighting and sound systems that respond at a click of the mouse.

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Submission + - automated voicemail to txt service actually humans (

mantis2009 writes: So this company Spinvox is like, give us your voicemail password and your phone number, and our advanced software will listen to your voice messages and automagically convert them into text messages. Awesome, right? Turns out, what the company is actually doing is routing messages to call centers around the world, where non-computer workers (humans) transcribe your message. Apparently, the staff at one call center put some voice messages on Facebook the other day for the world to see. Sign me up, please!

Submission + - BOINC exceeds 2 teraflop barrier 1

Myrrh writes: "Though an official announcement has not yet been made, it would appear that for the first time, the BOINC project as a whole has exceeded two teraFLOPS performance. According to last month's Top500 list of supercomputers, BOINC's performance is now beating that of the fastest supercomputer, RoadRunner, by a factor of about one-third. Not too shabby!"
It's funny.  Laugh.

Submission + - I think of myself primarily as...

Gorath99 writes: I think of myself primarily as...
  • A citizen of my state/country.
  • A citizen of my federation/union.
  • A citizen of the world.
  • A member of my religion.
  • A member of my ethnic group.
  • An individual.
  • The Chosen One.
  • CowboyNeal's bitch.
Media (Apple)

Submission + - New Yorker Cover Art, Painted With an iPhone (

viyh writes: "Some people send text with their iPhones, and some play games. The artist Jorge Colombo created this week's cover for The New Yorker with his.

Mr. Colombo drew the June 1 cover scene, of a late-night gathering around a 42nd Street hot dog stand, entirely with the iPhone application Brushes. Because of the smears and washes of color required by the inexact medium, it comes off as dreamy, not sharp and technological.

"The best feature of it is that it doesn't feel like something that was done digitally; quite the opposite," said Françoise Mouly, the art editor for The New Yorker. "All too often the technology is directed in only one direction, which is to make things more tight, and this, what he did very well, is use this technology for something that is free flowing, and I think that's what makes it so poetic and magical."

Mr. Colombo bought his iPhone in February, and the $4.99 Brushes application soon after, and said the portability and accessibility of the medium appealed to him. He began the scene by beginning with the buildings' structure, then layering on the taxis, neon lights, hot-dog stand and people. (A video of the process is available at beginning on Monday.)

Image here:"

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