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Comment Re:Let me guess... (Score 0) 115

I don't like the trend one bit, either, but you act as if the "other side" was gleaming and pristine the whole time. Windows Vista? Windows 8? How many Mac users do you think were even remotely tempted to switch over, as the hardware started getting locked down more and more? "What, we've got to go to *THAT*? Even the most die-hard windows fans are ready to lynch Bill and Steve..." (Yeah, windows 7 was fine. There's a small shop in my town that still had a sign up that says, "We can install windows 7" a few months ago.

Comment Re:Tor exit node = child sex offender (Score 1) 241

What penalty have they undergone for this "doing nothing illegal" you speak of? An open case file that has their names in it? So what? They effectively "laundered" data by running the node. Think of it as noble as you want, but in this case, it allowed someone to do something nasty, and yes, since it flowed through them, they're damn well going to get some attention from anyone trying to trace it back.
I bet shiny money that they were violating their ISP's TOS/EULA by running ANY kind of server, let alone a Tor exit node.

Would you be equally . upset or surprised if you opened your home to an unknown party that ended up being a serial killer and then were contacted by the police a few weeks later because they figured out he was sleeping there regularly for a short time that coincided with the murders?

Comment Re:maaaan (Score 2) 382

You're not wrong, but the pre-existence of the accounts, the dates involved, and the types of questions asked on each site would kinda blow reasonable doubt out of the water when they can be linked together so closely. The posting here on slashdot sure wouldn't help that argument, any.
Anyhow, the email address used to verify accounts on both sites would probably be a pretty good nail in the coffin if he verified on reddit. (You can, but don't have to)

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