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Comment Re:The right (Score 2) 102

Seems the majority of stories coming out about Uber are related to how unhappy the drivers are. And how low the pay is/How hard it is to stay in the black.
My major red flag was a story about how they "job interviewed" a bunch of potential drivers, but it seemed that it turned out to be a bait/switch for free consulting to help train their self-driving cars.... Sorry, I can't seem to find the article ATM.

Comment Re:Lol "RadioShack" (Score 1) 176

To be fair, they tried harder than that. They started selling arduinos and other microprocessor kits and the little sensors, shields, and accessories to accompany them. But when the package of 20 male-male jumper wires were going for $9.95 instead of $4 from Amazon prime or $1 from ebay (slowchinaboat), they were fighting a losing battle.

Comment Re:Radiation wrecks robots? (Score 1) 307

Depends on the component. Google around how a camera flash too close tto a raspberry pi causes a reboot (slightly older versions, like the early releases of v2)

Also, a ccd is a charged coupled device... Its just *waiting* for radiation to hit it. It sounds like the cameras are the first things to go on these probes/robots.
Things like a motor, hooked to a battery, not so vulnerable.

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