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Comment Re:I'd prefer a less beautiful superman. (Score 1) 395

It is just bizarre that studios would put so much money into the making and marketing of these movies without ensuring that they follow basic fundamentals of narratives / characterization in cinema. Zack Snyder is definitely obsessed with visuals over storytelling.

Somewhere in the writing process they forgot to make the protagonist likable. This analysis (one of the best that I've watched) points out how we don't connect with the heroes because they don't have believable motivations and they do not make any choices that show them to be interesting heroes.

Another analysis by the same reviewer pointed out how those movies are lacking in compelling villains.

Comment Re:Single atom (Score 1) 84

This is a poorly worded (and deceptive) headline. Each Holmium atom is only encoded with a 1 or a 0 depending on the spin or magnetic orientation of the atom (up or down). Therefore only one bit encoded on each atom, hence datum. The headline makes it seem like they are encoding more than that on each atom, which if you learn a bit about electron orbitals is unlikely (at least as a long-term storage) especially at room temperature.

Comment Re:How will DeepMind interface? (Score 1) 75

The MIT Tech Review article stated that they will limit the commands per second to something in line with what a human (professional) player can do.

I am not 100% sure of what Deepmind's game awareness will be, but they do have a simplified graphics output for the AI (mostly just friend-foe, not the fancy artist made pixels).

Comment Re:Time? (Score 1) 88

Accuracy and precision are not the same thing...

Please give us a simple but scientific definition of each.

I teach high school science, and I currently use the darts analogy but next year I want to find definitions that are either more accurate or more precise...

Comment Re:Lockouts have you heard of them? (Score 1) 153

I assume Mr. Ford has not been around enough heavy equipment to that you consider it live unless you can see the lockout.

Harrison Ford was self-taught professional carpenter. This was probably his best paying, consistent job as he was trying to make it in Hollywood as an actor. So you would think he would know about the potential dangers of machinery, but maybe he mostly used hand tools. Maybe he's gotten soft and careless.

As a side note, it seems that with its emphasis on practical effects, real sets, and locations, that The Force Awakens was a dangerous film to work on. Mark Hamill almost fell to his death off of the island Skellig Michael shown at the end of the film.

Comment Re:Winner (Score 1) 195

Games like Super Mario Bros. got it right with the ability to have extra lives, but forcing you to start from the very beginning if you run out.

While it is not in the Super Mario Bros. NES manual, anyone who owned an NES in the 1980's knew that pressing A+start on the start screen let you continue from the same world you last reached. (ex. died in level 8-2; continue in level 8-1). These secrets were sold in Nintendo Power and strategy guides, but most kids would share them with each other in class or when they went to there friend's home. Even without GameFAQs back then, everybody knew about A+start, the Konami code, and Justin Bailey just from word-of-mouth sharing.

Comment Re:Science fiction has solutions for this (Score 1) 366

The reason is that cockroaches are already near perfect for what their niche is. Scavenge for food of any kind and reproduce like crazy. It can take several foot stomps to kill some cockroaches.

They are like sharks and crocodiles that way. Once nature has found an optimum solution in that ecosystem for finding food and reproducing, there is little pressure to adapt.

The truth though is that all 3 of them have evolved and even had spin-off species, but overall their phenotypes are much more stable than birds or mammals over the same time-span.

Comment Re:Rift'd (Score 2) 151

I can think of lots of lucrative non-game applications for good VR.

1) virtual tourism - digitally scan all of the exhibits, and background aesthetics of rooms and exteriors in the Louvre. Charge art students / fans $50 per day to visit the museum online. It's cheaper than a trip to France, takes in more money per day, and helps those planning a real trip figure out where to go and what to see in advance. Eventually cities will offer tours of their historical districts complete with local flavor "AI characters" and optional amounts of fellow tourists.
(And if you listen to most people the real life crowds is one of the main things that hold back enjoyment in these touristy destinations).

2) high end real estate tours - probably only worth it for 1,000,000+ (USD) homes and high end office space, but there is surely a standardized way to be discovered to quickly and cheaply scan the textures, geometries, and views in a house/building and translate the data into downloadable/streaming "level" that potential buyers/leasers would want to see without driving all over just to find their perfect place. Upsides include that the hardware could just be purchased by the real estate agent that is assisting the buyers. The sellers would pay to have the location scanned and uploaded - just another advertising expense that is necessary to get the place sold.

3) being "in the middle" of a live event - Instead of sitting 1 km away from the stage at a concert or the field at a sporting event, fans will stand where ever they want. A 3D model of the live event will be constructed by software processing numerous HD camera feeds (probably the hemi-spherical kind) that now hang from the ceiling and stand at intervals among the audience and sidelines. "Sold out" will now mean that the servers are at capacity.

All of these applications are things that mainstream and affluent people would probably spend money on if the experience were good enough. Furthermore, except for the scanning and processing aspects, the actual digital delivery has just the same technical requirements of an MMO with high-end graphics combined with the Occulus Rift (which will be rebranded Being There (TM)).

Will Facebook do this? Do this without having onerous privacy/advertising features? I don't know.

Comment Re:Reborn Kara Thrace was 'Science' ... WTF? (Score 1) 465

Glen A. Larson, the creator of the BSG of 1978-1980, was Mormon. That show was highly influenced by Mormon theology (e.g. space lost tribes of Israel, space pioneer trek, space-Satan showing up, space eternal marriage). However, only the most basic concepts of the original show carried over to BSG of 2003-2009. That the new show had religion at all could probably be blamed on Larson, but the shape that the religious concepts took in the new show lays squarely on the shoulders of Ronald D. Moore, who "describes himself as a 'recovering Catholic' and is currently agnostic."

And as side note, why does Caprica series barely seem to match up with the 2003 BSG backstory. Because it was based on a unrelated sci-fi TV script that was reworked (or perhaps shoe-horned) to fit into the new BSG universe. That little detail seems to have become buried in history.

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