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Comment Re:6 months? (Score 4, Insightful) 311

You're not supposed to entertain infants. You're supposed to keep them from dying. Anything you do or that they see should be intrinsically motivating for them. This is why they love super boring shit like seeing car keys or business reply cards. If they're bored give them a wooden spoon. All a tablet is going to do is frustrate them.

Am I saying you're a bad parent if you use devices to entertain your less-than-12-month-old infant? Yes, I am. I am straight up judging you and finding you lacking if, after hundreds of thousands of years of non-screen-based infant development, you suddenly are too weak and useless to raise a child without a tiny TV next to them. You're a disgrace to our species.

Source: raised kid without showing them TV until they were after 1 year old. I don't mean they never saw a TV, I'm just saying we never used it as a babysitter or were like "now's the time when you watch tv"

Comment Re:Just buy new hardware! (NOT) (Score 1) 417

The thing I don't really get about this is that AFAIK the retina display Macbook Pros are functionally going to run at 1440 x 900 anyway; other than font rendering and videos it's not even clear to me what the extra pixels are for. Will you even be able to set your machine to let you individually address those pixels? So why not let older machines just run at their native res, and don't tax the GPU?

Comment Re:Why does his privacy have not value? (Score 2) 607

RTFA. Chris Brown kept the phone. He grabbed it from someone's hand and drove away.

His privacy doesn't have value because he's a celebrity. That's settled law. The iPhone has value because some lady purchased it. Also settled law.

You can whine about how it's not right all you want, but then I'd counter with whining about how it's not right that a woman-beating piece of garbage like Chris Brown is still a celebrity.

And I'd further argue that only his celebrity kept him out of jail after that incident, so a) maybe he should calm down when someone takes a picture of him and b) maybe the fact that he can't calm down means he belongs somewhere where he can't hurt people.

Comment Re:Two mostly similar choices (Score 1) 467

This. Honest is the best policy. At my last job, I had a similar agreement, and I wanted to do something that was theoretically (but not practically) directly in my field -- I wanted to make an indie videogame, while working at a videogame company (that made macro games). I talked to my boss, explained the situation, came to a verbal agreement, sent him an email, and got an email response giving me the go-ahead to do the project (with a former co-worker who had gone to a competitor, no less). It didn't go anywhere, but if it had been the next Limbo, I was protected. If I had been sneaky and made the next Limbo, I'd be in copyright/IP/legal purgatory. Also, most jobs with this type of agreement will have an invention assignment form when you start the job, where you can specifically carve out previous inventions/IPs you've developed or are developing. I advise everyone in a creative endeavor to pay close attention to this and avail themselves of the ability to carve things out before they start a new job.

Comment Re:Glad to see Microsoft taking this position (Score 1) 678

I kind of agree with the grandparent. The whole problem with marriage in the United States is that it is a religious thing that is sponsored by the government. When I was forced to legally marry my partner of 15 years (for insurance reasons) we got a form from the state government telling us we needed to get our marriage "solemnized" by a priest or judge. Why was priest even an option? I can't get a priest to renew my drivers' license or notarize any other type of contract, so why do they have this magic power granted to them by the state for marriage?

In my opinion, civil marriage should be handled by the state only. If I need to "solemnize" the fact that I have a girlfriend and make our relationship a legal contract, let someone at the DMV do it.

If I want to get "married" in the eyes of God, that's a religious thing, and I can take it up with my church.

(Of course, this isn't the system we have, and given the system we actually have in the U.S., anyone should be allowed to marry anyone else in my opinion. If you're against same sex marriage, don't have one.)

Comment wtf? (Score 3, Insightful) 263

Wow, that's a really poorly written article. From TFA:

The catastrophic risk came from the SNAP-27 radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG), a small nuclear reactor that was going to be placed on the moon to power experiments, carrying Plutonium 238 Apollo 13’s lunar module.

What does that even mean? Anyway, if it was in the LEM, did the LEM even survive rentry? Since it had no heat shield, etc.? Is the LEM still attched to the CM during re-entry even? Pretty sure it's not.

Comment Re:World News brought to you by a /. poll (Score 1) 292

The MLB is the biggest market for baseball and draws the best players from all over the world. It's a cinch to say that the winning team is the best single team in the world. There is a World Baseball Classic started after those jerks at the Olympics threw baseball out of the competition, and based on that you could say Japan is best at baseball, but the team that beat the Texas Rangers is probably the best team in the world at the moment. Other than the Oakland A's, who will win the world series next year. I hope! :)

Comment Re:Enforceability? (Score 1) 388

There's some case law on this related to the Super Bowl, and whether or not I can buy two tickets to the SB and then do a "Win a trip to the Super Bowl!!" contest. IIRC & IANAL If you're drafting too much off their brand and trademark, they may have some grounds. You can do whatever you want with your iPad, including giving it away, but if you do an ad campaign in which the free iPad is basically the main thrust of the campaign, you start to tread on tricky ground. If you were like "Win great prizes, such as an iPod, a new Mustang or a Nomad MP3 player!" you're on much better ground. If your contest ad looks like an Apple ad, well, you're in trouble.

Comment Re:Meh... (Score 1) 190

So Yong Zhang deserves to get paid... for putting hard work into violating license agreements and porting other people's emulators which are used for... what exactly? Certainly not playing stolen videogames! Because then you might need to go up the chain a bit and feel bad for the software creators who weren't being paid. But no one ever seems to give a shit about them when something gets in the way of playing stolen games.

Comment Re:guilty eh? (Score 1) 964

I leave my wireless router unprotected. I keep my machines locked down and I don't really care if my nieghbors use my wifi, I don't suck down a lot of data anyway. Also, I think the world would be a better and more useful place if all wifi access points were open. But what's scary to me now is if some neighbor used my router to do something illegal (proscribed porn, bot net, whatever) some moron might decide that I'm somehow culpable because the bad things passed through a box in my house. This case actually has me reconsidering my open access policy.

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