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Comment Can you pay for my Internet Access too FCC, please (Score 0, Troll) 94

Because of all the taxes I pay so everyone can have free phones, food, rent, medical care, iPads and internet access, I really can't afford to pay for internet any more. Can you tax all the people you give all my tax money to, to pay for my internet too? Please?

Comment Re: Ridiculous (Score 2) 132

Google could require that manufactures subscribe to some sort of security update model as a requirement before using android software. By not doing this, Google is opening itself up to tremendous liability should something bad ever happen. You may not think so, but some jury someday may think differently. I know of what I speak, though I would prefer not to give full disclosure.

Comment We knew this in the 1970s (Score 5, Informative) 328

Studies more than 40 years old have always consistently shown this, including one I read as a young boy long ago, that showed professional race drivers after mild marijuana intoxication had IMPROVED lap times, though this edge dropped off at higher intoxication levels. Trying to point stuff like this out over the decades had jerkwads accusing me of the most awful things. Whatever I just don't care anymore. Marijuana being illegal while alcohol is not is insanity by definition, but most people are dumb animals and our world is run by sociopaths and there's nothing I can do about it.

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