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Comment Work your way out (Score 1) 583

Maybe they can start at the backbones by converting to IPv6 and NAT to the rest of the world. Then, they can implement IPv6 as they reach out and keep pushing the NAT farther and farther out until it's at the ISP level (where hopefully they've been starting to work on their own IPv6 implementation).

What we really should do it have a cut off day, like digital TV, for the switch to IPv6. It worked great for TV! :)


Comment Minnesota has this already (Score 1) 393

Xcel energy gives you a discount on your summer electricity bill if you participate in the program and they install it for free. I've only seem them shut off the AC a handful of times during typical summer. When it's off, it's not off for very long, maybe 15-30 minutes max. I believe they call it the Super Saver Switch or something like that.

It's so humid up here in the summer you gotta run your AC a lot. In AZ it's drier and maybe not as big of an issue to keep houses cool (the architecture differences also help too).


Comment Diesel? (Score 2, Insightful) 379

I naturally didn't RTFA but it sounds like a diesel to me. Diesel engine already have greater economy from less volatile fuel. The fuel itself isn't heated, the cylinders are heated via glow plugs at start, and then by the combustion itself afterwards. More gas engine should go to direct injection first.

Or just skip all these "inventions" and keep refining the diesel engine. The latest iteration of the Mercedes diesel is very smooth and incredibly quiet (rivaling gas engines in the same model car) with greater output.


Comment Re:Pretty much the best way (Score 2, Insightful) 387

Exactly. Sounds more like you should me sending resumes then trying to convince the bosses of something they do not care about. Typically, something bad has to happen until everyone is on board. And it has to affect the bottom line.

I would approach with a very automated backup system. Something that requires no interaction on their part, that is invisible to them. Like a CrashPlan or Data Deposit Box account. Set it to backup all their main folders and some other places where files might land by accident. It's cheap protection. They even send you e-mail alerts if the backup agent hasn't communicated in a week so you know something is not working, without having to take their laptop from them all the time.

No backup system is perfect, but there are certain tools for certain situations that make it better. And no one will sign anything to release you of liability, you're an employee. Besides, that's hurting the company, not helping it.


Comment Re:Maybe for dementia patients... (Score 1) 403

I've taken similar herbals expecting the same or better results and not realized any.

I take a 90mg gelcap and the effect lasts for about 3 hours every time.

It's pretty predictable to be placebo.

Again, from what I've learned it's a circulation issue. Ginkgo increases circulation to the brain and other extremities and that helps your cognitive function. I don't have any issues with my extremities so I can't comment about that.

My wife tried some (she is typically very focused already) and she said it had no effect. So I'd agree that it doesn't work for everyone but does for some.


Comment Maybe for dementia patients... (Score 0) 403

I take it regularly throughout the day, every day, and it makes a huge difference for me in memory and calmness of thought. I get so worked up sometimes trying to multitask everything.. it really helps focus. I can definitely tell when I've taken it and when I haven't.

Too bad it doesn't help the dementia patients. Their circulatory system may be too weak to provide the increased blood flow to the brain that ginkgo enhances.


Comment Smells like an Apple play (Score 1) 216

This sounds like an Apple move. Create an OS you control on (mostly) controlled hardware.. but then add the kicker of then controlling the other end of the internet as well.

It works, sure. It's just as annoying though--you're stuffed into their box instead of Apple's. Open source or not, Google is at the head.

I think if I had to change from a Microsoft environment I'd switch to a full Linux distro (I've done it before). More flexibility.


Comment News?? (Score 2, Interesting) 459

When was a robbery of a retail store news? Maybe because they got footage of the whole thing it became sensational--so naturally to have to air it then.

Real story should be "Security guard fired when robbers smash large glass door just as he leaves the room." How could the guard not hear that? Sounds like an inside job to me.


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