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Submission + - Quantum cryptography broken - and fixed (

schliz writes: Quantum cryptography — commonly lauded as an absolutely secure avenue of data transfer — has been broken.

The advanced technology was thought to be unbreakable due to laws of quantum mechanics that state that quantum mechanical objects cannot be observed or manipulated without being disturbed. But a research team at Linköping University in Sweden claim that it is possible for an eavesdropper to extract the quantum cryptographic key without being discovered.

In a research paper, published in the international engineering journal IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, the researchers propose a change in the quantum cryptography process that they expect will restore the security of the technology.


Submission + - "Solar rainstorm" filled the first oceans ( 1

KentuckyFC writes: "The origin of the oceans is a major mystery for planetary geologists. Now a new analysis by Japanese scientists indicates that the most likely source of water is the cloud of dust and gas from which the solar system formed, the so-called solar nebula. That means the oceans were filled when the Earth passed through a cloud of water causing a "solar rainstorm" of fantastic proportions"

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