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Submission + - Study Sez Txt Msgs Make Kidz Gr8 Spellrz

Picknz writes: "The Telegraph reports that researchers have found that texting can improve literacy among pupils by giving them extra exposure to word composition outside the school day. According to the report, the association between spelling and text messaging may be explained by the ''highly phonetic nature' of the abbreviations used by children and the alphabetic awareness required for successfully decoding the words. "It is also possible that textism use adds value because of the indirect way in which mobile phone use may be increasing children’s exposure to print outside of school," says the report. "We are now starting to see consistent evidence that children's use of text message abbreviations has a positive impact on their spelling skills," adds Professor Claire Wood. "There is no evidence that children's language play when using mobile phones is damaging literacy development.""

Submission + - Hopes dim for HP Neoview data warehouse appliance (

Brunola writes: Hardware giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) this week spotlighted a new portfolio of data management appliances developed in conjunction with Microsoft, while questions about the uncertain future of Neoview, HP’s homegrown data warehouse platform, continued to mount. HP has yet to confirm or flatly deny reports that it has pulled the plug on development plans for Neoview. But two things are clear: HP will continue to support existing Neoview users regardless of what happens to the product line and HP is committed to partnering with software vendors like Microsoft on future data warehouse appliance products. An HP internal memo sent to company employees in December states that “we will continue to focus our commercial strategy toward the optimization of partnerships and third party technologies in the data warehousing segment” and “continue to support our current Neoview customers as we determine the technology elements we believe will be required to solve their most pressing business problems.” The memo, which was obtained by and subsequently verified by HP, went on to state that HP “will be communicating our formal roadmap and support program in the coming weeks.”

Submission + - Will App Development Weaken From 'BubbleBall'? (

adosch writes: Having such wide-spread publicity from an iTunes application release such as 'BubbleBall' is definitely nothing new, but what about the learning about the facts behind the development? Although the fascination of an 8th grader developing an app was mighty intriguing, but knowing he authored it using pre-canned mobile application development frameworks, like Corona begs the question, "Has application and software development started to lose it's magnitude in today's technology world?" I do applaud the youngster's efforts and determination, but what does this mean for the future of software development and fundamentals?

Submission + - What’s it like when government and business (

missdebbie writes: We’re making no claims about whether it’s a good or bad idea, whether it works or fails. But the meeting in this video is real and the people in it are from the very top on both sides. The ‘fly on the wall’ perspective has a unique and unprecedented feel.

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