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Submission + - WHMCS systems breached, passwords and card data taken

An anonymous reader writes: An email alert (text below) is being sent out by WHMCS ( ' the complete all-in-one client management, billing & support solution for online businesses ' they claim) at the moment, saying that their billing systems have been breached. They say that card details have been compromised, so I guess they are not PCI compliant then as they must be storing card data un-encrypted or have easy access to the encryption key. Don't see any mention of this on their site. Not a good sign for something that says it is a complete billing solution if it does not proctect card data.

Email text is as follows:

Unfortunately today we were the victim of a malicious social engineering attack which has resulted in our server being accessed, and our database being compromised.

To clarify, this was no hack of the WHMCS software itself, nor a hack of our server. It was through social engineering that the login details were obtained.

As a result of this, we recommend that everybody change any passwords that they have ever used for our client area, or provided via support ticket to us, immediately.
Regrettably as this was our billing system database, if you pay us by credit card (excluding PayPal) then your card details may also be at risk.

This is just a very brief email to alert you of the situation, as we are currently working very hard to ensure everything is back online & functioning correctly, and I will be writing to you again shortly.

We would like to offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. We appreciate your support, now more than ever in this challenging time.

WHMCS Limited

Submission + - Hopes dim for HP Neoview data warehouse appliance (

Brunola writes: Hardware giant Hewlett-Packard (HP) this week spotlighted a new portfolio of data management appliances developed in conjunction with Microsoft, while questions about the uncertain future of Neoview, HP’s homegrown data warehouse platform, continued to mount. HP has yet to confirm or flatly deny reports that it has pulled the plug on development plans for Neoview. But two things are clear: HP will continue to support existing Neoview users regardless of what happens to the product line and HP is committed to partnering with software vendors like Microsoft on future data warehouse appliance products. An HP internal memo sent to company employees in December states that “we will continue to focus our commercial strategy toward the optimization of partnerships and third party technologies in the data warehousing segment” and “continue to support our current Neoview customers as we determine the technology elements we believe will be required to solve their most pressing business problems.” The memo, which was obtained by and subsequently verified by HP, went on to state that HP “will be communicating our formal roadmap and support program in the coming weeks.”

Submission + - The End of Scarce Oil and Atmospheric CO2 Problems ( 1

Saysys writes: n September, a privately held and highly secretive U.S. biotech company named Joule Unlimited received a patent for “a proprietary organism” – a genetically engineered cyanobacterium that produces liquid hydrocarbons: diesel fuel, jet fuel and gasoline. This breakthrough technology, the company says, will deliver renewable supplies of liquid fossil fuel almost anywhere on Earth, in essentially unlimited quantity and at an energy-cost equivalent of $30 (U.S.) a barrel of crude oil. It will deliver, the company says, “fossil fuels on demand.”

oule says it now has “a library” of fossil-fuel organisms at work in its Massachusetts labs, each engineered to produce a different fuel. It has “proven the process,” has produced ethanol (for example) at a rate equivalent to 10,000 U.S. gallons an acre a year. It anticipates that this yield could hit 25,000 gallons an acre a year when scaled for commercial production, equivalent to roughly 800 barrels of crude an acre a year.


Submission + - Will App Development Weaken From 'BubbleBall'? (

adosch writes: Having such wide-spread publicity from an iTunes application release such as 'BubbleBall' is definitely nothing new, but what about the learning about the facts behind the development? Although the fascination of an 8th grader developing an app was mighty intriguing, but knowing he authored it using pre-canned mobile application development frameworks, like Corona begs the question, "Has application and software development started to lose it's magnitude in today's technology world?" I do applaud the youngster's efforts and determination, but what does this mean for the future of software development and fundamentals?
United Kingdom

Submission + - UK ID Cards Are No More! ( 1

Ajehals writes: "In the last ten years, governments have fallen over themselves to try and obtain more information about their citizens. Sometimes it's databases, or new regulations, or cameras, but the one thing they have in common is that they can be used to identify you, and track you. Today is a positive step then, as in the UK, it's the last day for the "UK Identity Card" — after midnight GMT tonight, they will no longer be valid for use at all."

Submission + - Went after 2 bloggers, took 7000 accounts (

xiando writes: Norwegian police were asked by the police in Italy to get personal information about two bloggers who were using a server in Oslo. The police decided the best thing to do would be to take the servers harddrive along with personal information about 7000 other users. Other ISPs say this is common operating procedure in Norway these days.

Submission + - Pterodactyl Egg Found Alongside Mother (

arisvega writes: Just after seven years since the discovery of a fossilized Pterodactyl egg that shed a lot of light to the enigma of the oviparous nature of the creature, a newly discovered fossil of what appears to be a fossilized pterodactyl mother alongside its egg offers new clues about these flying reptiles, and makes paleontologists very excited indeed.

Submission + - Apple still sanctimonious: no Playboy app for iPad (

tsamsoniw writes: The rumors that a Playboy app would appear in the Apple App Store were greatly exaggerated. Playboy plans to offer an online service through which subscribers can access past and current issues of the nudie mag — and per Playboy, it will be accessible via Safari and support iPad features (whatever that means). But if Playboy does come out with a native app for iPad, but all the nudity will be censored. That should be just fine for the legions of people who indeed read the magazine for the articles. This really shouldn't be a surprise, though: If Apple insists on "protecting" users of its high-priced gear from pixilated naughty bits in a graphic-novel version of classic literature, it certainly won't let users access the full monty. It's a shame, though: If Apple's customers want access to that sort of content, Apple should allow them to get at if via a native app instead of suffering a potentially buggier, less secure browser-based experience.

Submission + - George Lucas and the End of the World 1

mvar writes: Star Wars creator George Lucas was just kidding when he chatted with Seth Rogen about the Mayan prophecy of an apocalypse in 2012. But that hasn’t stopped news sites from regurgitating Rogen’s weird report that Lucas truly believes the end is near. Even The Washington Post’s Celebritology 2.0 blog got in on the action Wednesday, with a post headlined, “Does George Lucas Think the World Will End in 2012?”. While the question mark might indeed be the blogger’s best friend, the answer to the query is a resounding “no.”

Submission + - MicroHP: The New IT Giant? (

storagedude writes: Although it may have gone unnoticed by most IT industry watchers, this week's announcement from Microsoft and HP that the two have combined on integrated appliances for corporate business intelligence and email could be the start of a closer relationship between the two IT giants as they seek to counteract the growing hardware and software dominance of IBM and Oracle. From the article: "Combine Microsoft and HP — call it MicroHP — and what do you have? A full Windows-plus-Linux scale-out hardware and software lineup, with an exceptionally strong position both in SaaS/public cloud and data centers, and a huge presence on the business desktop. This would allow such a combined entity to produce well-tuned appliances for such hot areas as BI/analytics — as Microsoft and HP have just done.

Submission + - Compromised .giv, .mil, .edu sites for sale ( 1

Khopesh writes: Imperva blogged today about the sale of compromised .gov, .mil, and .edu sites, illustrating that cyber-criminals are getting bolder. Krebs on Security has an unredacted view of the site list. Perhaps the biggest threat is yet to come; if an industrious criminal can break into top government and military sites, so too can government-backed teams, proving that GhostNet and Stuxnet are just the beginning...
Input Devices

Submission + - Apple Files Patent for Display Mouse (

astrodoom writes: AppleInsider has posted a story detailing a new patent application by apple that hints at the possibility of adding a touchscreen to the company's magic mouse. At a basic level this could mean things like customizable colors or artwork displayed on the user's mouse, but the possibilities extend much farther to fully customizable mouse layouts and program controls. Apple Insider comments on the possibilities: "The display on the mouse would change according to what the user may be doing on their Mac. As an example, the application describes displaying a number of icons for quickly selectable options when a user is running Apple's Pages word processing application. Switching over to the spreadsheet software Numbers would reconfigure the buttons on the screen to allow for commands in that respective application."

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