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Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 1) 449

You have 2 opposing sides. One side uses far more lying and deception to delude its base than the other side. The lying side makes greater gains,because its lies are more attractive than the truth, but its base is so deluded that it can't see that it's electing a leader who is completely incapable of leading the nation. Our present day situation is going to be used as a morality tale about the excessive use of propaganda.

Comment Re:Obama has no right to do this (Score 2) 449

When everyone thought Trump was going to lose Trump said the election was rigged. After he won the election but didn't win the popular vote Trump said the election was rigged. HRC never said the election was rigged, but the fake news people are saying she said the election was rigged. Who here has less faith in American democracy?

Comment Re:Show of hands (Score 1) 256

When a company controls so much of the screen real estate, this actually moves beyond what they're allowed to censor. Otherwise they can create their own views, tell you what's acceptable, and of course how to vote.

Is your solution to have governments punish companies for not posting everyone's posts? Do you really want the government to have that much power over media companies? Think of the oversight necessary to enforce this law. You would have thousands, perhaps millions of people complaining to the government that these companies aren't posting their content, and if the media companies deny that this content was ever posted on their platforms, the government would have to have permanent access to the servers to monitor if the posts are in fact ever made. Who is to determine how big a media company is before the government takes control of it?

Comment Re:So (Score 2, Funny) 256

The issue is people will choose to go with whomever filters content they don't like and promotes content they do like even if it is wrong.

Just look at fox entertainment news.

To be fair MSNBC does the same damn thing.

Exactly. And the info bubbles will become info force fields. So you'll have two populations, one that is skewed slightly left of reality, and the other that is skewed to an alternate dimension where Donald Trump is competent enough to be President of the United States. Oh wait, we already have that.

Comment Re:Fake news (Score 1) 533

As usual, the number doesn't count the 'statistically employed' - people who've been out of work for long and have given up looking for work as a result

I have a relative in his 30. His wife is a computer programmer and makes good money. He hasn't worked for years. He stays home and smokes weed all day and is perfectly happy. Are you saying we should be counting him as unemployed?

Comment Re: I feel sorry for you guys. No joke. (Score 2) 395

Hillary might have started one, over Syria. She fucked up in Libya as SoS and was talking of escalating in Syria.

Don't kid youself that Trump will be worse. Clinton is a warmonger. Or would have been, we've dodged that now.

Get in your "But Hillary would have been worse" arguments while you still can. They will provide increasingly diminishing returns. If America isn't sick of winning in 4 years we're going to be really pissed.

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