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Submission + - EFF Tries to Keep DRM Out of HTML5

interval1066 writes: According to Boing Boing, the EFF have filed a "formal petition" to the W3 HTML WG Draft Charter that will "support playback of protected content". According to the Boing Boing article there was dissent among the W3 working group internally regarding this proposal. I should hope so, DRM goes against the very standards of openess that the W3 used to be vanguards for. What the hell happened, W3?

Submission + - Calling all geeks (dropbox.com)

interval1066 writes: "I have a friend working on an independant film about geeks dating and and the technology involved in that world. He's asking for people in the tech industry for interviews, he wants to put together a collection experiences from people who are or were single and relate their story. The above url is his kickstarter page and a simple page with information. If you would like a film credit please email him your contact infomration. He's also soliciting people who might like to donate production work."

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