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Comment macports, fink (Score 1) 458

Yeah, I went through that. You're missing the steps about digging out your install CDs and finding the Xcode Developer Tools, and X11. I can do all that, but like I said, it's extra steps First I installed Fink, because I'd heard good things, and then realized that they only had an old version of Inkscape. Then I installed MacPorts, and ran into some other frustration. Then I thought, why am I jumping through all these hoops anyway? I could just have the real thing.

Comment Re:Ob. Matrix quote (Score 1) 478

Hypocrisy, it loves religion.

At some point, someone worked out that religion can be exploited to control large swathes of the world's population. Add into that can of worms, religious leaders that don't actually understand their scriptures, interpreting them to support their existing views, rather than adopting the views described within, and you get what we've seen, what with the fanaticism and irrational witch-trials.

Comment Re:It's straightforward (Score 5, Insightful) 587

I don't think that Miguel is all that popular. The last time I saw a long thread with him here, he suffered pretty badly. Making mono a dependency in Gnome exposes the project to unnecessary risk.

I respect Stallman far more than de Icaza, both for his thoughts and his actions over the years. Stallman is often taken out of context, but he is very consistent, and his statements almost always make sense years later - sometimes prophetically so.

There are a group of people (mostly affiliated with corporations) who have a hate-on for Stallman, because he values his principles more than he does development speed, ease of use, profits, or being able to use the latest shiny thing from MS.

Comment Re:Does this make sense? (Score 1) 258

That would be because the people who make these same bad decisions over and over are not the ones who suffer the consequences. Even if they DID "suffer" from these and never hold a job again, etc. they still have enough money to live more extravagantly than most of us can imagine for the rest of their lives. They have absolutely no reason to not do what makes them the most amount of money right now at any cost. That goes for the owners of the mega -corps and the government bodies "regulating" them. There is no "we" considering this from my standpoint, only a "they" considering this.

Comment Re:whom the gods would destroy they first make mad (Score 0, Offtopic) 258

Honestly, I wish I could express to you in words how happy it makes me to get responses like this. There is nothing more fulfilling in the world than the righteous indignation of the prick'd simian. I really, really want to thank you for your concern and interest. No joke - thank you.

As to my musical preferences, I think Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, Jedi Mind Tricks, Talib Kweli, and Sniper provide us with a more authentic and more literate example of the anti-conformist message.

Which is why the media companies are already dead. They pander to the least common denominator and that ultimately satisfies nobody. Bland, artificial vanilla, Diet Coke and upper middle class bourgoisie. As the financial crisis gets more entertaining, fewer and fewer people will be interested in the message.

Comment Re:too much political bias (Score 0, Troll) 632

What the fuck are you talking about?

I think "Jews" are the second best example of a granfalloon in the world. IE: a meaningless category. In the Vonnegut book Cat's Cradle, a vapid woman latches on to the protagonist because they are both "Hoosiers." She spends the whole book making reference to the fact that they share some kind of imaginary similarity because they are both from Indiana.

People who claim to be Jews, well, what of it? If you meet someone on the internet and they claim to be a Jew, you have learned absolutely nothing about them. You don't know where they live, you don't know what they eat, you don't know what they believe religiously, you don't know how they spend their Sundays. You don't know what their ethnic heritage is or what other language they may speak. You have not learned anything about them as a person.

Hitler bought into the granfalloon of Jews just as foolishly as "the Jews" themselves have. "Jew" is an artificial category and an external identification for someone who doesn't have enough of themselves inside themselves to fill themselves up with themselves.

You say "Jew," I say "So what?"

Comment Re:Translation: Massive Union Vote Buying Program (Score 1) 801

"Which makes large, money-centric programs like this all about the people to whom the money goes: the unions."

Don't you mean "the workers"?

Last I checked union dues weren't 100%.

(Disclaimer: I work in tertiary education in New Zealand, as IT support, and I'm a proud union member. Education pays my wages.)

Comment Re:Not again (Score 2, Interesting) 575

Religions, which is what you're talking about when you say faith, are software that runs in a cluster of human beings. They mutate all the time... you turn your head, there's another one popping up, the bastard stepchild of a few predecessors. Some religions will destroy the hardware they run on before they ever propagate. The Davidians, for example. Others will propagate through a population quickly, but lead that population to extinction in a few generations. A few will endure, supporting their populations growth and infecting or destroying the populations running another religion.

This is not made up airy-fairy bullshit that some simpleton believes for no reason. This is evolution at work. These old religions have demonstrated their reliability, because the people who believe in them are not dead.

The evidence indicates that the vast majority of ideas that are "modern" and "novel" and "progressive" will lead the population that embraces them to extinction.


Comment Re:Oversight with no understanding? (Score 1) 169

How can a board of directors "look out for the interests of the stockholder" if the directors cannot understand the business of the company?

Um, drink champagne at board meetings, vote themselves larger fees, do a few sweetheart deals for friends, and plan how to close the next AGM before anyone asks probing questions?

The interests of the directors may well be in conflict with the interests of other shareholders. Just as the interests of the government may well conflict with the interests of the citizens (e.g. privacy).

Comment Re:Convicted ? Yes, but... (Score 1) 622

You got very lucky then. Join the UU newcomers mailing list and listen to the stories of all the people who either left or were forced out of the JW church.

What I said had a lot of base in experience working to help these people come to terms with what happened to them. The fact you alone had a decent experience does not make theirs crap.

Comment Re:Pray tell, what does it "mean" ? (Score 1) 543

Instant mac and cheese like, totally has enough nutrients to get me through exam week!
I wouldn't mind vegetarians so much if they weren't so militant about never eating meat products. Hanging out with vegetarians is fine until the group decides to get something to eat and all the good spots get vetoed because they don't have salad there or "it's all meat *frown*".

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