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Comment We should let people die (Score 1) 584

When will these buffoons realize *you cannot save everyone*. We should let people crash and die. The more people who distract themselves who die off the better. Instead of airbags, we should have air-bombs. Accidents would blow up those involved. ...Killing the victims saves us the cost of their medical care, disability payouts, and their endless lawsuits.

Hopefully after awhile people would actually watch what they are doing behind the wheel.

The Internet

Submission + - Legal Group Says ISP Allowed 100K Illegal Dowloads (

bennyboy64 writes: iTnews reports that Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) investigators claim to have recorded almost 100,000 instances of Australian internet service provider iiNet users making available online unauthorised copies of films and TV programs, lawyers for the film industry said in the Federal Court in Sydney today. The lawyers for the film industry claimed iiNet had done "nothing" to discourage copyright infringement on its network. For background on the case see iTnews' background piece which has a pretty graph. The case will be heard for four weeks. Today was day one.

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