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Comment Music (Score 5, Insightful) 676

The problem is not that these body images are harmful, but that girls are trained to think that their appearance is their most important attribute.

This is not improving, this shallow culture is being promoted to men and boys as well, perhaps in order to stave off charges of sexism, but more likely it's just a realisation within these cosmetic and fashion industries that they are missing out on a potential market.

Comment Re:Psychology is a science. (Score 1) 254

The problem with the social sciences, and especially psychiatry, psychology and economics, is the massive amount of influence they have over public policy. They may have good and repeatable studies that completely contradict each other, from which politicians and appointed officials then cherry pick the studies that align with their viewpoint. Don't like social welfare because of your Protestant values? Lets go with the Chicago School economics. Control freak? Lets justify increased economic control with Keynesian economics. Bigoted against Homosexuality? Let's not forget that it's a "paraphilia". We mustn't forget that moral preconceptions can and do constantly reflect in the conclusions drawn from the social sciences, far more so than any other academic area.

Perhaps we should add another dimension to the categorisation of sciences alongside the soft/hard category; hot/cool, as in headed.

Comment Re:Eclipse is like DOS, for Windows (Score 1) 90

QtCreator is an excellent C++ IDE in my opinion. Geany is by far what I spend most of my time using for Java and Python, it's a really good balance between full featured IDE and a text editor + console setup. I started out programming C with gvim and gcc under cygwin, at the it seemed much more intuitive to me than Visual Studio, but that was probably because it was nice and simple, and didn't hide any details from me.

Comment Re:Well, 85% of scientists are wrong, then. (Score 1) 1345


How the tables have turned since the middle ages. I'm pulling this out of my ass, but I would say that the percentage of Muslims that believe in evolution are similar to Christians, Jews etc. It's just that the idiots are the ones that shout the loudest.

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