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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 144

You use bandwidth without paying for it.

If you had google music or youtube red there wouldn't be ads.

I do agree that it's messed up. Even the dumbest Americans should be capable of realizing that running ads during a youtube video doesn't equal approving of the content. But we didn't have so many idiots, we wouldn't have the problems we do today.

Comment Re:One more time? (Score 1) 122

I assume someone last time pointed out that itunes music managed to make something of a profit despite music piracy being really really really easy.

Most consumers don't pirate. A lot of those of us who do tend to do it less when paying is an option. When I pirate, it's entirely because of extra hoops I have to jump through like having to sign up for cable to watch HBO to watch game of thrones, or "no you have to go to the movie theater to watch that movie you want to watch or wait a few months."

Some people will pirate even given other options. But paranoia about that tiny segment of the consumer population isn't justified and is a stupid reason not to do this.

Comment Re:Direct to video (Score 1) 122

Why are you so sure it would do that? Tiers of movies haven't had much to do with release method in a while. Studios will still be able to promote blockbusters just as much as they do now and ignore direct to video types just as well.

It's not like they show a trailer for some big movie and the voiceover proudly announces "This one is NOT going straight to video! That means it's good probably!"

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something. . . (Score 0) 100

(in the future)
"SpaceX landed humans on mars."
"Yeah, but they USED GOVERNMENT FUNDING TO DO IT! They were supposed to use PRIVATE FUNDING!"
Me: Sorry, couldn't hear your boring blather about boring money sources, too busy thinking about how awesome it was that we landed on mars!
"Well see, taxes-"

Comment Re:All these bans are useless security theatre (Score 1) 244

If the point is to spread terror, the destroying an aircraft seems to be more effective than blowing up a queue. Not only is the visual of an aircraft crashing to the earth more vivid, but it demonstrates that security itself is ineffective.

People tend to forget that the last time that happened, the terrorists didn't have any bombs whatsoever. They just bluffed. 9/11 worked because everyone assumed hijackers would try to live and everyone was safer going along with it because that's what had happened before. Security was ineffective because it's basic assumptions were turned upside down.

That would be exactly true of the gate lines today: we assume terrorists would only care about the plane because last time they only cared about the plane, so we completely ignore another gaping security flaw. The number of terrorists it would take to bring down a plane could probably be more "effectively" used at separate airports in the pre-security line.

Hope I'm not giving Trump ideas here for how to unite the country behind him...

Comment Re:What's the plan, Stan? (Score 1) 199

I don't give a goddamn fuck about changing people's hearts and minds. The MRA sexists, the alt-right nazi fucks, the 4-chan high school trolls, the genuinely unhinged infowars people, and the thousands of people who simply want to threaten people online can continue with their shit forever. Great, more power to them. I think they should bring back 4-chan, and make a bunch of other #-chans for them. Infowars should make it's own twitter. Those idiots weren't realizing they would be doing everyone a service by shooting themselves in the head while they were on twitter.

But on the actual twitter, hateful and bigoted people can turn people worth following away. I dunno, it's just a hypothesis I haven't investigated. But I'm more than willing to risk it. If getting rid of a million Milo and Spencer type alt accounts causes even one educated, rational person to say "Hey, maybe Twitter ISN'T a complete cesspit and I should try it," THEN WELL FUCKING WORTH IT.

Comment "innovation" (Score 1) 65

When did silicon valley define "innovative" to mean "Almost as boring as the same old shit"?

This jet.com for example appears to be amazon as it has existed since 1998, except prices are going to be even harder to figure out. Oops, I'm sorry, I mean "ALGORITHMS! MAGIC! "LOWER" PRICES!"

When you say "innovative" I think new like the first iphone after I had a fliphone, or like CRISPR DNA editing. Tech bros say innovation though and mean "This iphone doesn't have headphone plugs!"

Walmart pretending to be "innovating" means we should probably just give up the word entirely, it's fucking dead.

Comment Re:"We" are forcing quality down ... (Score 1) 65

Technically that is we the consumers that are doing that. Offshoring, low quality, etc ... those are not CEO choices, those are consumer choices.

Call me cynical, but I keep going back to the MIB quote: "A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it." Consumers as a mass of people don't make "choices." In big groups, we behave more like a herd. A stampeding herd of cows doesn't "choose" to run off a cliff, the collective is dumber than any individual. It's up to the ranchers to make decisions for the good of the cows.

... not that I expect CEOs to actually make decisions for the good of society unless they're forced to. Just that I really really really don't think consumers are capable of it.

Comment Re:But which kind of stroke? Too thin or too thick (Score 2) 41

I found this link. Ischemic is blocked and Hemorrhagic is bleeding. It sounds like there are signs of either and a CT or MRI can discriminate between the two. I assume there are borderline cases where they can't make a call, maybe like in minor stroke cases? Which I'm assuming yours was?

In any event, I'd be surprised if stroke was the only application for this. I'd assume this would be useful for other parts of the body deprived of blood flow. From my limited understanding, blood block and tissue death can happen in hernias in the guts, fingers and toes with certain blood pressure medications, and probably a bunch of other places.

I'm not a real doctor, so no idea if this is something that would only be useful in brains in a stroke, just seems like the potential uses for it are more than just one big thing like strokes, even if it's unlikely to ever be used to treat anything. (Most drug candidates turn out to not be good for anything really.)

Comment Re:Oh no that sucks! (Score 4, Funny) 379

Dude, you're on an aging, mostly white discussion board devoted to technology: If you want to troll slashdotters, say something about how it's important to cut research funding.

"I'll be so sad when they cut funding for useless nuclear fusion research, LOL, we don't need another chernobyl. We should spend the money on copyright protection instead, crack down on linux ripping off windows!"

Comment Re:Discountined? (Score 3, Insightful) 61

Nonsense, a lot of people wanted them. I wanted one.

Privacy concerns helped kill it for one. Because the threat to your privacy isn't the NSA or CCTV cams everywhere or facebook on your phone or the two cameras on it. No no, it's a grainy camera on some tech bro's head evidently.

Also the thing was absurdly overhyped. The video announcing it made it seem like it would be a full view overlay, not like holding your phone up off to the side. But I'd have still maybe wanted one so I could read while walking around without looking down at my phone.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

It would be worth paying more for meat if it meant less contribution to antibiotic resistant pathogens. I don't know how these cultured meats are going to be kept sanitary in mass production, I suppose it's possible that some unethical meat growing labs could use a lot of medicinally important antibiotics and cause the same problems. But I suspect there are more options for sterilization once you don't have to grow a whole animal.

Comment Re:if it were cheaper, yes. (Score 1) 331

Nonsense. People take offense to things they disagree with politically no matter how nicely you put it.

There have been decades of "Captain planet needs YOUR HELP you special snowflake!" Didn't work, people convinced themselves that climate change was a lie and anyone swayed by the evidence it was simply hated coal country.

Here, for example, DogDude was not bashing you or anyone more than was absolutely necessary. GP was making a dumb argument.

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