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Comment Re:What is it about having money... (Score 1) 282

It's not just money, it's also Hawaii. There's a stereotype of the flyover states as being full of people who want to kill you for even thinking about stepping foot on their property, but it's far more true in Hawaii. People like Zuck move to paradise on earth, then act surprised and frustrated that other people like the area as well.

Comment Re: Blacks are sociopaths (Score 1) 271

I left a job and got another month's paycheck. I e-mailed them letting them know their error. Heard nothing back until 8 months later, I get an angry e-mail accusing me of ignoring repeated efforts to contact me about it, and a vague threat about taking me to court.

These repeated attempts were e-mails sent to my old work e-mail. The one they automatically shut down immediately after I quit. They had my phone number, stable e-mail address, updated address, and my boss was still in contact with me weekly.

Comment Re:The changing "debate" on global warming (Score 1) 266

Unfortunately, the tone of the discussion on so many other topics, including climate change, has changed dramatically in the past 25 years, to the point that we never actually get to discussing the issues.

I think it's a temporary thing. Old media is mortibund obviously, and older generations don't know where else to go. As younger generations go to online sources of news, old media caters to an increasingly senile, angry, out of touch demographic. Younger people are better informed, and hopefully this primary and election has finally convinced them they need to actually fucking vote if they want things like social security or a rational climate policy.

I mean, it's not all roses of course, I think the fake news online thing is going to get worse, we could tip towards facebook mob mentality, and there are plenty of millenials who could be convinced the "educated elites" are evil. But I'm saying things will not stay the same, one way or the other, it is possible that we'll get back to debates based on fact rather than paranoia.

Comment Re:IT is amazing (Score 1) 98

I think were it just laziness and impatience, you'd see coffee vending machines as they have in Japan. When I'm getting coffee at starbucks it's because I can feel the withdrawal mild headache coming on and I'm not at home. If it was between spending $6 for a can and being on my way in a few seconds and $2 for a hand-made silly frilly coffee art that the barista takes 10 minutes to get to, I would choose the can every time just for convenience. Yet they usually don't have their canned stuff out in their stores.

I think it's more of a luxury thing. You can get a fancy pants coffee at a premium, and it's still, you know, just a few dollars. Convenience isn't, I think, the driving force.

Comment Re:I heard about this in South Park (Score 2) 305

If I break my leg doing something stupid while drunk, or if I break it while saving an infant from a burning building, the leg is still broken. They put a cast on it either way. If they've sustained psychological damage from policing porn for a paycheck, it doesn't matter if yours is more noble. Not sure why you're turning it into a competition. Is your ego really that small that you need to brag to people you don't know online?

Comment Re:Comcast customer here (Score 1) 111

I probably shouldn't jinx it, but I think the hate is because they know most people won't try to haggle. If you go to their online chat portal and threaten to go to their competitor, I mean they're not "great," but it's something. They're giving me their $60 a month high speed internet for $10 a month no contract. It took at most 20 minutes while I was probably reading e-mail in another window. The sense of winning made it all the better.

Comment Re: This works for me (Score 1) 416

The dumbing down of the snowflake, "lets protest everything" generation makes it easier for them to push that

Which generation is that? There are very few people protesting anything. The millennial generation I'm assuming you're talking about mainly protests with clicks on facebook. Gen-Xers seem generally too busy worrying about having massive debt to ever retire. Boomers conversely seem ready to riot if their taxes don't go down yearly AND if anyone does anything to reduce their government benefits, but I never see them actually take to the streets.

Seriously, who are you talking about? Black lives matter protests? Yeah, they're protesting being shot. That's hardly "protest everything."

Occupy whatever protests? That was, what, a few dozen people of the millennial and gen-x for a few weeks.

Dakota access pipeline? Again, small group protesting a very specific activity that would endanger the climate, hardly "everything."

You talk about sensationalist bullshit, but you seem to have swallowed some of it if you believe protests, rather than apathy, dominate any generation.

As far as "dumbing down" look up the flynn effect.

Comment Re:What about stop making stuff super thin? (Score 1) 289

I feel like the "tech mobile consumer electronics" industry as a whole is so far up each other's assholes they haven't bothered to ask normal people if they want phones that are thinner. Every time I search for an upcoming phone to see if I should buy it (about every 2 years) all I can find are articles written by people who sound like they masturbate using the newest version of the iphone while thinking about how many more pixels next month's iphone might have.

Asking anyone I know IRL what phone they have "Uh, I think an iphone? No wait, it's the other one."

Do they do focus groups for this shit? If so, is entirely composed of whatever type of human being is addicted to really minor improvements in phones?

Comment Re:Russians didn't cause Hillary! to lose (Score 1) 335

>Hillary! might have had a chance had if she weren't an unlikable corrupt harpy and if she had some accomplishment to her name other than marrying Bill. You're right. If she had accomplishments like, say graduating from Yale law school, spearheading the clinton health care reform effort, surviving 30 years of ruthless attacks by conservatives, being a senator, being secretary of state, running the Clinton foundation which helped to lower HIV treatment to affordable levels among whatever else it does, and winning the democratic primary by a large margin, she might have, I dunno, won millions of more votes in the presidential election!

/s Seriously? Lack of accomplishments when compared to Don Trump? +4 insightful? "Unlikeable harpy?"

I think it's wildly optimistic to suggest that Russian propaganda is driving this unfortunately. I would prefer to think there weren't people out there this badly deluded, but I can't, Americans really are so stupid they think the DNC rigged it against Sanders and the electoral college overturning the vote is totally 100% fair.

Comment Re:crazy vs crooked (Score 1) 488

Aside from the fact that Clinton has not shown "wanton disregard for the law," there's the fact that the presidency comes with control of the military and nuclear arsenal.

Car metaphor: you have to get in a car. Do you get in the car with a driver who speeds by 15 MPH or a driver who is drunk?

Comment Re:mountains of diamonds (Score 1) 365

Also seems like you could make an ad campaign around environmentalism. I have no idea if it would be accurate to say synthesized diamonds are actually better for the environment, but given how easily you can fool people into thinking diamonds are rare and valuable, probably easy to dupe them into thinking they're carbon negative too.

Comment Re:Idiocracy + Brave New World + Camp of the Saint (Score 2) 426

We have not only homegrown dysgenics (Idiocracy style)

Citation needed. And no, a shitty movie is not a citation.

Countercitation: flynn effect

I would suggest that if the social order is on the verge of collapse, it's because our current social order was designed by morons who were quantifiably dumber and less informed than future generations are.

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