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Comment Staggeringly* (Score 1) 142

Spelling nazi aside, where is it that you're from where you use don't use 1 as the statistical unit of measurement for counting votes? I guess you could have 73-72, and divide by 5, but that's still a 1 unit deviation. 1/29 does carry more weight than 1/145, but either way, both are quite close. Although I'm not sure what statistical unit you were using in "14.6-14.4," but compared with "15-14," one vote is the most minimal statistical unit that can be used to express the data. The usage of staggeringly seems appropriate.

Comment It probably has some impact.. (Score 1) 62

Well, I'm not a scientist in this field of study, but I wouldn't be surprised if these helped that process along.

Break ice into smaller pieces (e.g. cut huge swaths of it in half and so on), and it'll melt faster.

Same way you cut a stick of butter into smaller pieces before melting it down when cooking

Comment Sorry, double post. (Score 1) 165

Also, for the record, I've set this up for clients for self-hosted project space, and I use it for my personal projects as well. It's installation procedure may seem a bit clunky, but it does the job well and is easily extendable. I continue to recommend it, it's excellent software and it's only getting better.

Seriously, check it out: http://gitlab.org/

Comment Uhm, here's my problem. (Score 5, Insightful) 573

Define "server." Software? Hardware? I think that clause of the ToS is bullshit, and here's why.

If running a "server" is a violation of a ToS, then every single person that has file-sharing enabled on their Windows computer at home is liable to be disconnected. In fact, anybody that has an xbox or a media center PC is likely in violation of this clause, too. I think that the amount of bandwidth he was using was massively unreasonable, but seriously, if you're going to terminate someone, AT LEAST CALL IT WHAT IT IS. Just put a clause into the residential ToS that states that anything beyond 25-50TB in a month is unreasonable and grounds for termination. Ugh.

Comment Google overestimates mainstream stupidity, IMO. (Score 1) 533

Mainstream is also becoming more acquainted with the absolute lack of privacy you are granted when using Google products.

And, more importantly, they're beginning to understand what that lack of privacy means.

An omnipotent device made by a company that makes $$$ analyzing your personal information? No thanks.

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