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Submission + - Android Bug Puts A Family In Fear For Their Lives 1

An anonymous reader writes: Our lives are now in danger due to a well-known bug in the Android 2.1/2.2 operating system. The bug causes a text message to be sent to someone else without the sender being notified of it. The details are located in this thread ... and if only we had been warned about it. As you can see in the thread, the issue has been raised by many people over the last six months and the Android developers have not even bothered to address it. Less than 24 hours ago, my sister knew someone who recently committed a very large crime in our area and decided it was in our community's best interest to turn him in. She texted her best friend to tell her what she was going to do, and the bug in her Android phone caused the text message to be sent to Person-B, who was more loyal to the criminal. Person-B replied by telling us that 'it's on and we will pay' and that he had forwarded the message to the criminal. Later on in the night, a car and a bicycle were stopped outside of our house (in a VERY rural area). As soon as we opened up the front door to say something, both of them sped off. We are scared to call the police, because if the criminal gets caught, all of his cronies will know it was us and will definitely seek revenge. Because the Android developers refused to fix a catastrophic programming error, two of their most outspoken supporters are now living in fear.

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