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And by the way, your wife may be an employee at a hospital, but that should be all the more reason to know the corruption involved in MDS reports and statistics reporting for the purpose of funding. I know because my mother is one of the administrators at a nursing home/rehab facility and I am on the board of directors (not going to say my exact position) of a home health care agency. Her and I both do it for the love of the industry, to help those who need it, and for the money, but we do our jobs very honestly compared to most. Although it might be somewhat disheartening to my financial interests that Medicare pays less than private insurance, in my heart it is impossible to overlook the harmful practices of private health insurance. The US health system is of very high quality, but also has a very high price, and has become harmful to the people who of the country who need it. The health insurance reform legislation is not the best, but it is exponentially further from the worst. If you analyze the bill with relation to the US political spectrum, you realize it's not too far from the center, either. Contrary to what the influential right-wing propaganda says, it is not socialism - it's just not laissez-faire economics. But let's be real, is there any true laissez-faire left in any large sector of a first world economy? The damned little invisible hand is all over the economy in varying degrees; may as well add another finger or two in an effort to make the system work for the people rather than for its CEO's and shareholders.

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